Blogathon 12:00 midnight - Post #33

Blogathon 2007!
Post #33
Location: Location: Chanhassen, MN (a.k.a: The bachelor pad)
Author: Keri (aka: KinnicChick)

So food and drink of the blogathon so far then???
SURE! Why not. KinnicChick has consumed - (I’m very afraid to tally this, actually)

  1. ½ Naked juice
  2. ½ apple fritter
  3. 1 caramel macchiato
  4. 1 bizarre drink that Natalie brought over this morning saying it was made by mistake for someone and so it was on the house for us. So I dumped it into my mug and gave Keith the rest. It had hazelnut syrup in it and white chocolate and I don’t know what all. But it wasn’t bad. Kind of strange, but not bad.
  5. Then I ran home and took my meds and had a few cheese puffs to get them down my throat. (I don’t do well taking horse pills.)
  6. From there it was off to the grad party where I had...
  7. A glass of root beer from the root beer keg
  8. A few chips with melted cheese
  9. A big taco with the works (well, no olives or peppers or anything gross because I’m picky like that)
  10. Spanish rice
  11. And then it was off to the Daily Grind to meet Wes and Michele for dinner and farkeling (which did not take place...) where I had...
  12. A vanilla espresso freeze thingy made with skim milk but topped with whipped cream because Sara has a way of saying “You want whipped cream with that, right?” that just makes me nod my head and agree because she can’t possibly steer me in the wrong direction. Not my Sara. And it was So. Good.
  13. A V8. Big enough to get a couple of servings of vegetables in for the day. Because I rock and am a healthy girl.
  14. 1/3 of a Caesar’s salad from Brick’s which the boys retrieved for us girls who sat there chatting and enjoying ourselves immensely.
  15. Followed by a small ice cream called Cow Trail Twist or Cow poo trailings or Cowpoke’s droppings or some ridiculous thing which has chocolate and vanilla ice cream and dark chocolate covered peanuts and white chocolate covered pretzel balls in it. Yes, I did say balls.
  16. And now? Now I am sitting here in the marshmallow sofa feeling rather fat and happy drinking an Orange Tangerine Switch. 100% of what I want and 0% of what I don’t.
As for Keith, he didn’t have the taco, he had more chips and cheese. He might have had some of the fruit pizza? But I don’t know. He had more rootbeer than me I think. He had a wild rice cake instead of an apple fritter. When I was eating the salad? He had a pizza topped with asparagus and pine nuts and onions. And the most decadent cheese you can imagine. He oohed and aahed silently from his corner of the table. I could hear him in our silent language. He had a different drink at DG. And at Dunn. He always does. We have different tastes in coffee. But he had the same poopy ice cream. (I call it poopy? But it is so dang good you cannot believe it.) He is sitting beside me with his feet up on the coffee table and we have both been silently typing for about fifteen minutes. He is working on the meme. I’m looking forward to reading it. Aren’t you?

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jeffreysimms said...

"And I'm glad there isn't a spider on my knee again and that story will have to come later but don't let me forget"

So, about this spider, care to enlighten us?

Jeff & Megan :)