Blogathon 11:00pm

More answers to Trudi's topics:
2) My bio: let me see... I grew up out West. I went to college at a very liberal small college in the midwest. I had high ideals of being a professor and helping the whole world to understand each other better and bring about world peace. Unfortunately, my car broke down by the side of the road during a blizzard late one December night. This lead to a dramatic change in career direction and place of residence. (21 years later, I still live about 30 miles from where my car broke down during my move out East.) I met Keri and settled in. Our dreams meshed and I met Keli and she melted my heart as well. So, I happily changed directions again and I became corporate guy and Keri and I got married and built the house of our then dreams.
I'm now an independent techie. Because of the medical stuff, I can't drive. So, I'm either travelling to other states to work, or I stay at hotels/apartments in walking distance to work and go home on weekends.
I have some very good friends and family and health and work. So,life is pretty darn good at the moment.
Time to post this. We just stumbed in the door of my apartment. We now have internet service! Yah!!!!

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