Blogathon 10:00 am - Post #5

Blogathon 2007
Post #5
Location: Dunn Brothers Hudson (a.k.a. The Mighty Dunn)
Author: Keith (a.k.a. HalfBrainBoy)

Wow. The first couple of posts are already behind us. Off to a flying start.

Of course, it would start off smoothly. Like well-trained athletes before a big race, we have been preparing for days. As well trained blogathon athletes, of course, we got lots of sleep, engaged in quiet things to clear our minds, and, of course, rested our typing hands. NOT.

We ran errands all day in the heat. We stayed up very late watching movies. We worked and flexed our brains and typed and typed. We played. We laughed. Now, it will be VERRRRRY interesting to see how we are by 2:00am tonight. For that matter, it might be interesting to see how much we are propping each other up at 2:00 this afternoon.

If you happen by Dunn later today, we will be the two people pulling each other back off the floor. You’ll be able to identify us from our blogathon t-shirts. Say hello. Say good luck. Buy us coffee.

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