Blogathon 1:00 pm - Post #11

Thank you, KathyK for your sponsorship!

Early hours and already all these wonderful people with their comments and sponsorships. MWAH! Lovin' it. We are going to have to bug out in a bit to head to RF and my bro's house for the big Grad party. Wish us luck hooking up down there to post. They might be very short posts if we have difficulty because we'll be sending from the Crackberry, but post we will.

I never have figured out the whole posting a photo directly to the blog from my phone, so that won't happen. But I'll take a photo as we arrive at the new destination so we have a new location photo.

Need to get a couple of other things done before we head off. WHAT A BUSY AND WONDERFUL DAY!

Warm fuzzies back to all of you who are sending them our direction. And warm fuzzies to our friend Kelsey who is having her wisdom teeth extracted today. Smooches, dear!

Kelsey in her bonnet

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