Blogathon 8:00 am - Post # 1

Blogathon 2007!
8:00 am
Post #1
Location: Dunn Bros Hudson (aka The Mighty Dunn)
Author: Keri (aka: KinnicChick)


• Locations
o Three Hats Coffee
o My house
o Dunn Bros
• Activities
o Folks visited Three Hats
o Wes and Michele visited for Farkel and Pizza
o Smell hallucinations
o Poetry at the Junkyard thanks to Kimby (let’s set a time, this year, Kim! – how does 2 am central standard sound to you?)
• Food
o Coffee drinks
o Pizza
o Peaches from mom
o Erbs and Gerbs sandwich? I seem to recall this...
o I’m sure there was far more junk, especially at my house. And there were bou bites – chocolate covered espresso beans. Mmm.

2007: I’m envisioning the following thus far

• Locations
o NOT our house as we have no internet :(
o Mighty Dunn
o My brother’s house because we are celebrating my niece and nephew’s graduations
o Daily Grind in Hudson where Keli is working for several hours and where they have internet.
o And also where we will coincidentally be meeting Wes and Michele for farkel and pizza.
o When finished with that we are going to dash home and toss some things in the car. Then we’ll toss off a quick post at Dunn. From there we’ll zip quickly to Woodbury and dash off another quick post from another hot spot at either the WB Dunn, or a Caribou or Borders. All places we can get a shot of coffee. And do a photo blog quickly and efficiently. This will put us about half way to Half Brain Boy’s Chan bachelor pad where we will do the remainder of the Blogathon in his very comfortable location. Where he does have internet...
• Activities
o I’ve already covered many of these. We’ll be photo blogging.
o If I have any ability to do it speedily, we may get in a quick video blog of a farkel round.
o Perhaps there will be a video blog from the grad party.
o Otherwise, boring old normal blogging of the 24 hours and various ideas people sent in will have to suffice. Including ideas people are invited to provide for any $25 donation to our charity, the American Cancer Society’s flagship fund raiser, Relay For Life.
o And poetry at Kimby’s dog pound if she starts it up for us.
o And a time of Meme’s in the middle of the night. Keith is a total noob blogger, so we’ll be hitting him with some of those.
• Food
o No specific things really but we’ll be sure and share with all of you. Time is running out on this 30 minutes already. I have no intention of writing for the next 24 hours. Who would want to read of of that?? Besides. I need coffee!

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