I am totally going to bed now.

I think Keith is already in there. The bedroom is already darkened (or as much as it can be with the sun beating on the bright white blinds).

Good night and thanks to everybody who participated and helped us stay awake!

Blogathon 8:00 am - Post # 49

Blogathon 2007! 8 am Post #49 Location: Chanhassen, MN (a.k.a: The bachelor pad) Author: Keri (aka: KinnicChick) LMAO at Keith’s last post. THIS is how rocking I look and ready to start my day... I’m getting so cranky that he doesn’t dare come over here and sit by me right now because I might bite him. I am not feeling particularly jovial at the moment. And him? He is putting away the bags of chips and feeling all “I’m gonna clean up the bachelor pad so that when we DO wake up later it isn’t all messy and because I don’t think I wanna sit over there by her right now...” The big poop.
I’m crabby. I’m tired and I can barely hold my eyes open wide enough to see anything. All I want to do is go to sleep. And the nervy little brat is laughing at me. I can tell. I just heard a little huh under his breath and when I looked out in the kitchen (where he is rinsing out the coffee pot) he had a grin on his face from looking out here at my sleepy face. Turd.
I want sleep. I’m ready. And I’m ready now. And it isn’t fair that he is all chipper and moving around like he hadn’t got a care in the world and like he had plenty of sleep last night. He didn’t get any sleep last night. And now he is advising me that this is the last post so it had better be a good one. And he’s right.

It should be a good one. I shouldn’t be sitting here complaining about how tired I am. I should be telling you in this one last opportunity I have that Relay Rocks. Because it provides money to some really great services to people. Services like Hope Lodge, which is temporary housing for families who are required to spend time away from their homes when they are going through treatment. Please check it out...
And services like the Cancer Survivors Network, a community of people who can come together online and really communicate, something that was lacking when Keith went through his surgery. They needed a hub, they found each other, but the central core was missing... ACS helps provide that core now. Services like the Reach to Recovery, a program made up of breast cancer survivors who will help new breast cancer diagnosed people learn about their diagnoses... all aspects of it. These are the things we are working for as close to full time as we can.

So please, if you are still on the fence, come on by and give us a donation or sponsor us today, donate tomorrow. ACS can always use another five bucks.

Thank you. For reading, for commenting, for being here. You all rock. And we give you smooches.

Blogathon 7:30am #48

Blogathon 2007!
7:30 am
Post #48
Location: Chanhassen, MN (a.k.a: The bachelor pad)
Author: Keith (a.k.a HalfBrainBoy)
Blogathon 2007!

Here it is. The last hour we’ll see during this blogathon. Wait!!! I want to do this again today! The sun is up now! Things outside are starting to perk up out there. Things are starting to perk up in here. (Okay, that part is just wishful thinking.) I can see how Keri has decided every year that the past year was the last year. This is pretty grueling. But, every year we find more and more that motivates us: Progress in the battle against cancer, or, more people we get to know who are living lives dramatically altered by this disease. So, I have a feeling that we will do this again next year, if we can.

I wish we had had time to dig into all the topics proposed. But, some of these topics would have taken more than 24 hours to unearth. It would be interesting to tackle all the rest of the topics someday. That will have to be with a much more rested brains than we now have. Or, at least on a more rested brain than I have now. Keri, on the other hand is rock out to her music and looks like she is ready to head out the door and start her day. I don’t get it. *I’M* usually the early morning person. This all-night blogging must agree with her. It has been really, really great doing this. I’m really happy Keri invited me to do this with her.

Thank you everyone who sponsored, or anyone who encouraged, or just anyone who cared enough to read this.

Blogathon 7 am - Post #47

HBB - HalfBrainBoy :)

When I wake up later today I 'm thinking that right after a nice hot shower, I have the drive back to Hud to look forward to. And after that I'm thinking I need to pay some bills. Fun, huh??? :)

Blogathon 2007!
7 am
Post #47
Location: Chanhassen, MN (a.k.a: The bachelor pad)
Author: Keri (aka: KinnicChick)


SO. VERY. TIRED. My contacts are now peeled off my eyeballs... I’m quite certain Anonybro will like that visual given his current status...

Trying to think of a topic about which to write.

I have been wracking my pea brain for my most embarrassing moment. I think I’m most likely blocking it. I am really good at blocking things. I’ve had lots of practice after all. I suspect that moment probably had something to do with my milk letting down in public once after I had Keli during that whole nursing time period. I am pretty sure there was a very obvious and messy time and I don’t remember much about it aside from an extremely wet blouse very briefly in public but the where and the when totally escape me.

And the sun is actually shining into the apartment now! I see a light at the end of the tunnel. Oh my goodness do I need that light to survive the remaining posts. I’m tired!

Will we receive any more topics from those who have the reason to send them to us? I hope so. Oh my. Drifting. Glad HBB is up walking around doing industrious things so one of us remains awake.

Don’t sit or lie down, HBB!

I can’t stay awake long enough to form coherent sentences any longer. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Oops. My contribution to sleep writing. More soon.

Wait! Typical Momma had commented a long while back that we were nearly done and she was just beginning. I thought she meant she hadn't even begun to read through what we had posted. NOW I realize she is doing the blogathon too! What a dope I am. GO visit her! Cheer her on today while we are recovering from this ridiculousness. Please!

Currently listening: Shins

Blogathon 6:30am #46

Blogathon 2007!
6:30 am
Post #46
Location: Chanhassen, MN (a.k.a: The bachelor pad)
Author: Keith (a.k.a HalfBrainBoy)
Blogathon 2007!
Wow. Things are slowing down a bit at the old bachelor pad. We’ve actually reclined back the sofa recliners. This is a very dangerous thing, I say. I’ve wandered in to the next room a few times to watch the progress of the sun as it starts to light up the lake I overlook. Last night, the lake reflected the full moon. Very nice. This morning, the same lake is starting to wake up. There aren’t any boaters or diehard anglers yet. But, there soon will be. I just hope they are the quiet kind of anglers. I hope they are the kind of anglers who allow exhausted blogathon bloggers to fall into their bed, sinking into a deep slu...m….b….e…r….zzzzzzzzzzzz. I guess it’s a little too early to start planning for life “after blogathon”. But, a guy can dream, can’t he?

Maybe I need to convince Keri to make a quick jaunt down by the lake. That might help wake us up. If the wake doesn’t, then at least the park employees will wake us up and tell us to get up off the park benches.

Let me see. Math is tough this time of morning. But, I think there will be just 3 posts required after this one. Whohoooo. SLEEP! We’ll be there soon!

Blogathon 6 am - Post #45

Blogathon 2007!
6 am
Post #45
Location: Chanhassen, MN (a.k.a: The bachelor pad)
Author: Keri (aka: KinnicChick)

Isn't she beautiful? I am grateful for her every day. And feel so very lucky that I didn't have to go through any serious illness with her. She had a bad ear infection once. woohoo. Little Connor - did you read his story? A tumor in his brain the size of an adult fist. That's half the size of his brain at least.

And in other news, how about another inspiration in the closing hours? Sandee has been battling for a very long time.

We only have a couple of hours left of the great and powerful blogathon. So go visit another fabulous fighter of the cancer beast won't you?

There is still time to be a sponsor. Come on. You know you want to. Blogathon... Blogging all night to make a difference...

For some reason (HBB) I’m finding it much easier to stay awake this year than I did last year (and I’m not half crying while I’m putting in these last few hours and keeping myself in a sitting position, either! Go me!) so I guess I really owe Keith some thanks.

Thanks Keith!

His bachelor pad is pretty comfortable, too. Last year I was sitting in a regular old office chair that wasn’t terribly comfortable while trying to type at my desktop computer and this year I get to sit in the marshmallow sofa with my macbook in my lap. We just moved the coffee table so that I could recline my side and with many warnings from HBB that I was going to fall asleep I now have to prove that no way will I fall asleep (gawd I want to fall asleep).

And I’m surrounded by yummies. Coffee and dark chocolate covered espresso beans and chips and my lovely pillow and sigh

Now we have Ben Folds playing.

And nobody else in the world is awake. Other blogathoners are doing their thing, of course, but I feel so out of touch with them. I’m not sure how they even got in contact and keep in contact with each other and know about each other. It is very odd this year. I knew about more of them last year. I don’t know if the listing was set up in a different format or what but I saw more information more easily I think last year.

Eyeballs are tired. I think I should have taken out my contacts a few hours ago.

I said when I got started at 8 yesterday that I was not going to do this next year. I’ll have to take a look at the date. If it takes place on a weekend that things are happening again I will have to really consider things. Because the running around and trying to do a lot is really hard.

We have the tradition with Wes and Michele. Wouldn’t give that up. But other stuff? Yeah. Too much today.

Might have to try to reinstitute the farkel, though. Missed that farkel game with you, W&M. Even if I did have to let Wesley win in order to get you to play. And as I look out the windows I see that it is daylight out there now. It doesn’t look like the middle of the night anymore. We’re almost there...

Blogathon 5:30am #44

Blogathon 2007!
5:30 am
Post #44
Location: Chanhassen, MN (a.k.a: The bachelor pad)
Author: Keith (a.k.a HalfBrainBoy)
Blogathon 2007!
Topic: Concerts I’ve attended.
There was this year that Keri and Keli and I were Tom Petty groupies. He always seems to put on a good concert. First, Keri and I saw him in the Target Center in Minneapolis. That experience pretty much convinced us that we wouldn’t go there for any more music events. The sound wasn’t good. And, the crowd in the nose-bleed section seemed more intent on hiding their smoke than watching the concert. But, hey, it was still PETTY.
Later that year, we ended up in Denver at the same time as Tom Petty. It took a bit of work to “coincidentally” be there at the same time. But, it worked out.
We love the Redrocks outdoor concert ampitheter. Talk about awesome. I grew up in that area. So, this wasn’t my first concern there. But, it was the first time Keri, Keli and I attended a concert there together. We got there at the usual early AM to get in line for the general admission seating. We sat all day on the steps of the entrance to Redrocks. It was a party atmosphere there. But, everyone around us was decent. It was kind of nice to build this camaraderie with other concert-goers before the concert started. Due to our early arrive at the gates, we ended up with really prime seats. We watched the concert with the Denver lights in the distance behind the stage. It is just amazing. Keri, Keli and I all had a good time. Even the daily mid-afternoon rain was a positive rather than a negative. It did cool things off.

It was much more fun than the other times I had been at Redrock concerts: Aldo Nova and Asia. Now THERE were some concerts Where are they now?

By the way, I have immense respect for those bloggers out there doing this blogathon on their own. Keri has stopped my drift into sleep several times. I can’t imagine fighting this sleep on my own. To think that Keri got through this blogathon all on her own last year!

Blogathon 5 am - Post #43

Blogathon 2007!
5 am
Post #43
Location: Chanhassen, MN (a.k.a: The bachelor pad)
Author: Keri (aka: KinnicChick)

Listening to Colin Hay, which totally sweeps me back to high school and my very first real boyfriend. He took me to my first real concert: Men at Work. We double dated with another totally awesome couple that also happened to be my boyfriend’s age. All of them had just graduated that year and I had just completed my sophomore year of high school. I felt pretty cool to be running with this older crowd... pretty sophisticated.

Anyway, that has nothing to do with what I was going to post this time. This post is about the day I had on Tuesday this week. It was planned several weeks ago when Mystical and I realized that I would have finished the main part of moving into the new town home and she would have the day off and there wouldn’t be any real schedule conflicts for either of us. I told her one day that I was in the mood to go rock picking again. She and I rather enjoy this little hobby (hobby? Yeah, I guess...) a bit and I don’t think either of us got enough of it during our trip west earlier this year. So we decided to head north a bit this week on Tuesday.

I made no other arrangements for that day and even though the weather was sounding a wee bit warm (understatement of this entire 24-hour blogathon), we plunged forth into the tropical and dangerous day.

We traveled to a little town north of the cities which is the self-professed agate-capital of... the state? The country? I’m not sure. But it is the capital of something. And we were hunting agates. So that’s where we went. But not before making a stop or two... for coffee. For gasoline. For water. For bug spray. For a state park pass and map. We tried to combine all of these stops in one or two. Really we did. But things happen. Memories aren’t what they used to be. And so it took us a little while to get there. And the first place we stopped we were told to continue on because we wouldn’t have the best luck there. And so we did continue on.

Mystical didn’t send me any photos (scrambles over to MM’s flickr site to see if any were posted there) that she took because she actually got some from the first search location. I did not. I only took them at the second stop where the very best agate I found was located the second I opened the car door and was right under the car. Oh there were others, but they weren’t nearly as big (that one was about an inch across).

I haven’t taken a photo of the dish of agates I took home with me. HBB and I rinsed them off and looked at them in the sunshine the other evening. I need to get them over and look at them with Mystical too. Because that day? All we thought about after we hunted them down in the sun and the heat was getting home to a shower and a tall, cold drink and the air conditioning.

It really was a bit dangerous out there. The agate picking didn’t take place on a beach or in a streambed. I had been envisioning that just a little bit. sigh Even though I knew that wasn’t really what lay ahead of us. We were in the middle of a gravel pit. Where the sun was even more ruthless than most places. And the reflection of that sun was just beastly. And the wind was nonexistent.

This is us. And you’ll notice that I’m not laden with bags of agates that I’m showing off in the photo. Rather, I’m just showing off the bare ugliness of the gravel pit. Because there is nothing else to share.

Blogathon 4:30am #42

Here is a topic request:
What is your favorite ice cream and where I can get it.
Now, for a little fancy footwork, I can manipulate this topic into something my tired mind can think about.
Ice cream is good. It’s sweet. People like it. There are other things that are sweet. And, there are other things people like. One of these things is fudge. If there is any question on whether the topic of fudge and ice cream are related, just look at how many stores sell both.
So, the question could actually be read as “What is your favorite fudge, and where you can get it?” Ahhh. Good question, there. My favorite fudge. Ohhhh. There is this candy place in San Francisco. I won’t attempt the name because I’ll likely mess it up. But, it always has a line out the door. This place makes flavors of fudge you’d never imagine in your wildest dreams. And, all of it is amazing. I’ve tried maybe 3 dozen of their flavors. Each flavor becomes my new favorite. We are talking serious fudge addiction here. They have a fudge that is called something like…. South Beach. I think. Something like that. It’s white and it has some swirls and it has a crust kind of like graham crackers. It is amazing. I’ve never found anything like it. So, whenever I find myself in San Fran, I have to find an excuse to walk up the neighborhood around this little fudge shop. It’s worth the wait in line.
After stopping there, I always go to the restaurant nearby that is famous for all of their garlic-related food. They even sell garlic-related dessert. I hear their garlic ice cream is out of this world.
Isn’t it interesting? No matter how far we stray from the topic, it always ends up back around to ice cream. Ever notice that?

Beer Snob... (A BONUS POST!)

Before that discussion of beer scrolls away, and in particular his chat about being a beer snob and loving those "beers with the names you can’t pronounce without spitting," I just wanted to post this photo. I asked him to please give me an example of one of those beers. Then I snapped his photo as he said it. This was the result. Do you see why I love hanging out with him? I'm all the time laughing.
Make sure and click to embiggen this one!

Blogathon 4:00 a.m. - Post #41

Blogathon 2007!
4 am
Post #41
Location: Chanhassen, MN (a.k.a: The bachelor pad)
Author: Keri (aka: KinnicChick)

Update time! And am I ever in an awesome mood! I mean, I raided HalfBrainBoy’s cabinet and found snacks aplenty, (blame the dude's photography skillz for this one... seriously?)
and then I rambled over to see what the blogathon coffers had in store for us at this point and found the following numbers... so what’s NOT to be happy about?

12 pledges totaling $577.46

Amazing. Truly. Shout out to our Sponsors:

Typical Momma (-d)
Mystical Marge
Peter S.
Carol M.
Uncle Marty and Aunt Rozz
Trudi of As We Are Magazine

Smooches and hugs to each of you. THANK YOU!

There's still time if you want to get on board with these lovely sponsors! Just click HEEEEEEEEEEEERE!!!!!

Blogathon 3:30am #40

As it gets later and later, my mind wanders to other times I’ve stayed up late. I mean the really memorable ones.

Here’s one memorable lack of sleep experience. Of course, it was in college. I had put off some assignments until the last minute. I had to write two papers in two days. These were something like discussions of Plato’s philosophies and a paper comparing different approaches to existentialism. Interesting. (No, really, I LOVE this stuff.) But, catching up on my reading, mulling over these meaty topics and then designing and writing two papers in 40 hours turned out to be a little taxing. I didn’t sleep for two nights straight. I really didn't rest at all for at least 40 hours. A half hour before class started, I finished the final copies. I took them to class with hopes of dropping off the paper and running before class started. Riiiiight. As a part of this whole double all-nighter, I messed up my watch. I walked into a class already in session. This was one of those classes a small college is so proud of. It was about 10 students and a pipe-smoking, tweet-jacketed professor sitting around a large oak table in a dark-paneled office. No anonymous dropping of the paper and running. So, I took my seat, the last left. I sat right next to the professor. He talked and talked. Students talked and talked. I decided the only hope I had of keeping my head from hitting the big oak desk was to take notes. So, I scratched word-for-word notes as fast as I could. I would write a line of words and it would drift off the page before reaching the edge. Soon, I started to dream. Not really full dreams like when asleep. But, not really ethereal daydreams. Something in between. I dreamt of frogs. Mercifully soon, the class stopped. For years to come, I kept those pages of notes. Incoherent, almost random words at random angles across the page. Punctuated at the bottom with some ramblings about tiny, little frogs.
The papers? I think I got a pretty good grade. The prof thought I had an interesting perspective on things. It was probably the perspective brought about by a mind so lacking sleep that it decided to dream anyway.
I have a feeling this last second approach in paper-writing wouldn’t have worked for other classes, like, say, biology. Unless, of course, the biology topic had to do with the jumping habits of tiny, little frogs on a big oak desk.

Blogathon 3:00 - Post #39

Listening to Vampires in Blue Dresses by Margot & the Nuclear So & So's (thanks for the suggestion, Wes - a favorite song right now).

So we were chatting about movies this evening with our friends. Shawshank Redemption came up. One of my personal favorites, though I often forget about it when listing favorite movies. Keith has never seen it, so we'll have to get hold of it sometime soon. And he mentioned never having seen The Godfather. I haven't seen it for years.

I was going to mention a funny movie that made us laugh so hard a couple of weeks ago. And we've seen it three times now. Mystery Science Theater 3000 - The Creeping Terror. If you can get a copy of it sometime, do it. If you are acquainted to me IRL? Borrow it. Better yet, come on over and watch it with us so we can laugh along with you. Because watching it with Keith and hearing him laugh at it is worth the price of admission. ;-) And you might be able to convince him to make malts for the event, too. Which is always a good deal. What's better than really bad sci-fi with friends done in a way that is meant to be funny?

I never did get that stretch. And my coffee is getting cold. And Keith just had a bowl of cereal and the idea of something crunchy that isn't going to leave little bits of coffee bean in my teeth (and isn't sweet) sounds pretty good right now.


Get over yourself and get over the small stuff.

Thanks and An inspiration... (AN EXTRA)

First of all, I totally wasn't watching my in-basket and waaaaaay back at 10:30 I was notified that my bud CursingMama (another witty little writer, BTW) became our latest sponsor! And because of the size of her sponsorship, she gets to select a topic for us to write about... so CM? you can email that to us for the 5 am hour... that one's all yours. heh. Kidding. Whenever you happen to get the email about this you can get back to us with your topic of choice. Thanks. Oh and uh, keep it clean. I know how you are. ROFL... *snort* My goodness, thanks also for the plug on your blog. You rawk. Smooch.


This is one of my very favorite Cancer Warriors and she is not only an inspirational fighter, but she is funny too! (Speaking of someone who can give you a much-needed laugh when you are looking for one). But don't go to her always expecting one. Because she will also tell you the hard truths about the state of the medical system in this country for the uninsured and under-insured.

I would certainly not be saddened if you decided to stick around her place and read the rest of the night or even gave any money you were earmarking for my charity to her. I know she would appreciate it. I might miss you, but I wouldn't be saddened. Because I love her.

Current earworm - EVERYBODY SING! "In Heaven there is no beer (No beer?)
That's why we drink it here
And when we're all gone from here
Our friends will be drinking all the beer."

Edited to add: He's NEVER heard of the song??? Can't have that. Now in my iTunes I'm driving him crazy by looping it over and over so he can share in the fun. Oh Frankie Yankovic, where have you been for the past twenty years since the last polka I did with my daddy?

Blogathon 2:30am #38

Trudi, here, FINALLY, is the answer to your 3rd topic – from your comments a looooong time ago this morning. The 3rd topic? Love or hate beer, and why.
Ahhh. Beer. Love it. I pretty much can say I’ve never met a beer I didn’t like.
But, as with many things in my life, I’ve become a beer snob. I’ll admit it. I’m one of those who orders the beers with the names you can’t pronounce without spitting. These are the beers you definitely CANNOT pronounce after just one or two of said beers. These are the beers you find in places that boast they have “over 367 types of beer on tap!” ( I exaggerate, or course. Most of these places have no more than a mere 250 types of beer on tap.)
But, lately, I have no beer. Need an explanation? See all the posts about the fight to stay awake? Beer is not a useful tool in the battle to stay awake.
Now….. let’s talk about something really cool…..COFFEE, love it or “adore it with all your heart”. Want to venture a guess on my answer?

Blogathon 2:00am #37

Trudi mentioned hearing things from my POV (when asking about my bio, specifically.) But, this made me start to think about how so much of my brain experience was something that would be hard to understand unless you were looking from my point of view. Let me explain one experience from all this. This is just one of several glitches I (we all as a family) had to deal from the brain tumor.

This might help explain some of our zealousness towards fighting this cancer stuff.

What I consider one of the most disturbing experiences, a strong sense of not recognizing people. Okay, we’re not talking not recognizing the guy who works in the mailroom, or, even not recognizing your great aunt Sally you met 5 years ago. I AM talking, feeling positive that I did not recognizing my daughter. My brain told me I didn’t recognize my wife, even when I knew it was my wife. I didn’t recognize myself when I looked in the mirror. This was an intense experience, to say the least. I knew what was happening, fortunately. The doctor even explained the mechanics. But, I still couldn’t recognize myself. I would take calm breaths and brace myself. I would slowly look in the mirror. Nope. A total stranger would look back at me. I knew, logically, it was me, just as I knew logically that the people who lived with me were my wife and daughter. And, the little black furry thing that ran around the house was my dog. But, would I feel I recognize any of them? No! My logic knew it. But, my memory didn’t allow for the feeling of recognition.

I remember seeing a doctor’s note in my chart. Patient shows lack of recognition consistent with temporal lobe injury. The patient does not recognize his family. His wife seems to take this pretty well.

I can’t begin to imagine how well anyone COULD take that.

But, now, here I sit. Next to me is my wife. I recognize her completely, not even the slightest sense of “who is this?” I even recognize my boss and co-worker and other people it helps to recognize on sight. It took awhile. They say the left part of my brain has taken over this task. I was warned the left was doing a good job, but wouldn’t be perfect. So, I can’t recognize 100% of the people 100% of the time. (BTW, this comes in a nifty excuse for avoiding the obnoxious people as they pass by. “OOOOH. Hi Bert! I didn’t RECOGNIZE you!” Hee.
But, my left brain is doing a better than expected job. I’m darn appreciative of that. I’m so appreciative that I’m going to make my left brain stay up all night and come up with coherent things to say.
“Hey, who’s that guy in the mirror saying I have to stay up all night! Don’t listen to him! I’ve never met him!” :o)

OMG! The numbers and the times it is all so confusing!

Okay. So this one is going up at 1:30 or as close to it as I can manage. For Jeff and Megan. Since you asked. :-/ (someone is actually reading! and closely!)

"And I'm glad there isn't a spider on my knee again and that story will have to come later but don't let me forget"

So, about this spider, care to enlighten us?
Jeff & Megan :)

So we're at Dunn this morning and a pesky fly had gotten in through the drive-through window as they sometimes will do. And it was buzzing poor Natalie while she was trying to work. Then it was buzzing over by us as we were blogging. And at one point it was just pestering me like nobody's business. I was sitting at one of the single tables and Keith was sitting at another single table beside me along the bench wall so we would have enough space to plug each of our laptops in and be able to work.

I had seriously HAD it with this bug. SERIOUSLY. Finally I reached down and tried to smack that sucker against my knee and actually hit it. But I didn't hit a pretty solid little lump the way flies are? This was a really wet squash. I mean really wet. It was gross. And I freaked. Because when I looked at my hand? Big. Brown. Mass of Goo. Whatever that thing was that was tickling my knee for the previous five minutes that I thought was a fly and kept shoeing away? Was quite large.

And Keith says I had a look in my eyes like this:

But really? I think he is being far too generous. I think there should be a heckuva lot more terror in the face. Chin on the ground... and a lotta disgust there, too. Green skin of nausea coming over him (which is admittedly pretty difficult to imitate, but Jim Carrey could probably do it). Because yeah, I do NOT touch the spiders. If I'd known it was an eight-leg? I'm pretty sure I'd been on the other side of the coffee shop faster than I could have said "Get that straight outta the hellfires eight legged hairy creature insect off my leg!!!"

So there you have it! The spider on my knee story from this morning.

Blogathon 1:00 - Post #35

Blogathon 2007!
1 am
Post #35
Location: Chanhassen, MN (a.k.a: The bachelor pad)
Author: Keri (aka: KinnicChick)

First just a little reminder of what this is all about... We’re blogging for 24 hours straight (along with everyone else who is currently doing the Blogathon for Charity). We have to post every 30 minutes during this 24 hours.

The charity that we have selected is the American Cancer Society, and specifically the Relay For Life of Hudson. We hope to collect as many sponsors for this charity as possible to contribute to ACS for our efforts.

We are over halfway through the day. But me? I am tired. Very tired. I’d love to see some more sponsorships come in. But it’s past midnight. I’m afraid we have seen all that we are going to see. This makes me sad. :( Interest is really down this year. *sigh* But, I have been a bad blogger this year. I chalk it up to that.

I’m still having fun sitting here beside my sweetie, though. Tapping away at the keys. I feel very fortunate. For many reasons... Let me tell you about that.

We are doing this blogathon craziness for ACS because giving back to an organization that works for the benefit of cancer research and to help those who are struggling with the illness and recovering from the treatment of it is important to us. In 2001 Keith was diagnosed with a brain tumor and had a very risky surgery to remove it.

I feel fortunate to be sitting here now with a fully recovered and happy husband who can function fully in the workplace, who cannot drive a car, but who doesn’t mind living close enough to where he works during the week that it doesn’t matter that he doesn’t drive. I feel fortunate that he recognized us when he came out of surgery and that he had full use of his arms and legs. I feel fortunate that he lived. There were many risks. And we have gone through a lot.

He still goes through a lot. He deals with epilepsy on a daily basis as a result of the tumor. He has meds that he has to take and a regimen to stick to so that he can stay healthy.

But I think mental health and attitude is the number one most important thing that any of us have gotten out of it. And we have only just learned that recently. And are still learning it every day. Positive attitudes and laughter are necessary. Humor is a must in every day living.

Not sweating the small stuff. And oh my goodness there is so much more small stuff than ever before. Do you KNOW how much small stuff there is? You know that car that is going too slow in front of you on the freeway that you can’t get around and that is just pissing you off to the nth degree and is raising your blood pressure off the charts? That is so small you cannot fathom how small it is. Fuggedaboudit. (Remind me of this the next time I start whining about that slow car in front of me family...)

We almost lost everything. And my eyes are starting to swim and I need to take out my contacts. And stretch my body. I wish I did yoga. Keith is making coffee. Bless you Keith. I need a potty break. And I need to walk around the apartment. And just stretch.

He’s up next. Yup. Life is good. And laughter.

Songs stuck in my head this hour - Moody Blues’ Tuesday Afternoon and Billy Joel’s Don’t Ask Me Why

Blogathon 12:30am #34

Here is my very first meme. It could end up my last. We’ll see. If you do venture to read this, keep in mind my mind is completely frazzled. Really, I can hear the zapping and crackling of those over-taxed neurons. But, here it goes:

Unfinished Sentences
1. I've come to realize that my last kiss was...pretty much a dream come true. Have you ever had a dream that seemed completely unrealistic? Too far out to ever come true? A dream that everyone tells you to give up? A dream that, then, does come true? If so, then you’d understand my answer to this question.
2. I am listening to...the blissful silence of just my a/c running and Keri typing. This has been a day full of overloaded senses bombarded by nice experiences, but much more sight and sound and commotion than I’m used to. It is nice to kick back in a quiet place and reload.
3. I talk...and, I talk and I talk. And, sometimes I even make sense. Other times, all too often, I just get a quizzical look from the listener as he or she tries to figure out what the heck I’m talking about.
4. I love...questions that are so open ended that I could answer with a million different good answers. So, instead of answering, I just make fun of the question.
5. My best friends...are a patient bunch. (Just consider the name HalfBrainBoy and you’ll understand.)
6. My car...is non-existent A doctor told me not long ago that I should “start to become comfortable with the idea that I’ll never drive again.” I’m working on that. But, I do think I’ll drive again someday. For now, between friends, family, cabs, and a new propensity towards walking, I can handle the lack of car pretty well.
7. My love life...is pretty much like my love of life. It’s all good.
8. I hate it when people ask... “why are you here for your appointment today, you are schedule for TOMORROW, not today.”
9. I want to...simplify, move to a quiet, simple place and live a life of semi-retirement. I want this to start tomorrow, if not sooner.
10. Marriage is...an amazingly complex thing that takes lots of work and is something I am far from an expert at. But, it’s wonderful in a hundred different ways and I’m so glad it is a part of my life. And, I'm glad I'll be sharing the experience with my best friend.
11. Somewhere, someone is thinking...”can this guy get any more pithy with his answers?”
12. I'm always…open to talk and listen. I love to discuss politics, religion, philosophy, technical theory. And, yes, I’m open to discussing feelings as well, good or bad. I was known as “the priest” in high school because I ended up the one friends went to when they just needed to spew their thoughts and feelings.
13. I have a secret crush on...now, if I told, it wouldn’t be a secret, now would it? HAR! I have no secret crush. I have only one crush. And, it’s not so secret.
14. I am not...going to answer this question.
15. My cell phone...is always with me. My blackberry makes up for many of the problems caused by that missing brain I got going on. I can’t imagine not having it.
16. When I wake up in the morning... I must drink down at least one 12 cup pot of coffee before I realize I’m out of bed.
17. Before I go to bed I...follow Keri’s habit of peppermint oil and wishes. I also follow another suggested philosophy of listing 10 things I’m grateful for. Lately, the list of things I’m grateful for is growing faster than the list of wishes.
18. Right now I am thinking about...first, the pithy part: thinking about how lucky I am. Next, I’m thinking about how tired I am. And, how fried and overloaded my poor little brain is. This week of work has been long and challenging. And, this weekend has been full. My poor little brain is saying, “aaaaaiiiiiieeee” or some other such thing that brains say when they’re ready to do nothing but lay on a beach next to the ocean surf.
19. Babies are...for the young. This question, especially right now, just makes me tired.
20. I get on MySpace...Hey, you stay in your space and I’ll stay in MY space. Heh. Nope. Never ventured into myspace.
21. Today I...will get lots of sleep, after the next 8 hours are done. It’s now just minutes after midnight. So, the end of blogathon is in sight. Sorta.
22. Tonight I will...See today. Because today is kind of the same as tonight, being midnight and all. All, right, all, right. Tonight, as in Sunday night, I will sleep some more and get to bed at a decent time to get up at 5 for work. That is 5am, as in the time of day I down my first pot of coffee.
23. Tomorrow I will...work. I will re-enter the work world rejuvenated, well-rested, recharged. I will be ready to tackle this mind-boggling technical issue I’ve been dealing with all week. I will be racing to hit a deadline. By Wednesday, you should find me curled up in a ball under my desk babbling incoherent technical jargon. In other words, Wednesday should be pretty much an average day.
24. I really want to...did I already mention that semi-retirement, simplification deal? Aside from that, I really want to savor each and every day. I mean it. Those who know a little bit about me and my recent life, pretty much know how much I have to savor all the time.


Blogathon 12:00 midnight - Post #33

Blogathon 2007!
Post #33
Location: Location: Chanhassen, MN (a.k.a: The bachelor pad)
Author: Keri (aka: KinnicChick)

So food and drink of the blogathon so far then???
SURE! Why not. KinnicChick has consumed - (I’m very afraid to tally this, actually)

  1. ½ Naked juice
  2. ½ apple fritter
  3. 1 caramel macchiato
  4. 1 bizarre drink that Natalie brought over this morning saying it was made by mistake for someone and so it was on the house for us. So I dumped it into my mug and gave Keith the rest. It had hazelnut syrup in it and white chocolate and I don’t know what all. But it wasn’t bad. Kind of strange, but not bad.
  5. Then I ran home and took my meds and had a few cheese puffs to get them down my throat. (I don’t do well taking horse pills.)
  6. From there it was off to the grad party where I had...
  7. A glass of root beer from the root beer keg
  8. A few chips with melted cheese
  9. A big taco with the works (well, no olives or peppers or anything gross because I’m picky like that)
  10. Spanish rice
  11. And then it was off to the Daily Grind to meet Wes and Michele for dinner and farkeling (which did not take place...) where I had...
  12. A vanilla espresso freeze thingy made with skim milk but topped with whipped cream because Sara has a way of saying “You want whipped cream with that, right?” that just makes me nod my head and agree because she can’t possibly steer me in the wrong direction. Not my Sara. And it was So. Good.
  13. A V8. Big enough to get a couple of servings of vegetables in for the day. Because I rock and am a healthy girl.
  14. 1/3 of a Caesar’s salad from Brick’s which the boys retrieved for us girls who sat there chatting and enjoying ourselves immensely.
  15. Followed by a small ice cream called Cow Trail Twist or Cow poo trailings or Cowpoke’s droppings or some ridiculous thing which has chocolate and vanilla ice cream and dark chocolate covered peanuts and white chocolate covered pretzel balls in it. Yes, I did say balls.
  16. And now? Now I am sitting here in the marshmallow sofa feeling rather fat and happy drinking an Orange Tangerine Switch. 100% of what I want and 0% of what I don’t.
As for Keith, he didn’t have the taco, he had more chips and cheese. He might have had some of the fruit pizza? But I don’t know. He had more rootbeer than me I think. He had a wild rice cake instead of an apple fritter. When I was eating the salad? He had a pizza topped with asparagus and pine nuts and onions. And the most decadent cheese you can imagine. He oohed and aahed silently from his corner of the table. I could hear him in our silent language. He had a different drink at DG. And at Dunn. He always does. We have different tastes in coffee. But he had the same poopy ice cream. (I call it poopy? But it is so dang good you cannot believe it.) He is sitting beside me with his feet up on the coffee table and we have both been silently typing for about fifteen minutes. He is working on the meme. I’m looking forward to reading it. Aren’t you?

Blogathon 11:30 pm - Post #32

Blogathon 2007!
11:30 pm
Post #32
Location: Chanhassen, MN (a.k.a: The bachelor pad)
Author: Keri (aka: KinnicChick)

I was sitting and thinking during the drive over (while poor HalfBrainBoy did the blogging via the crackberry) about all of the things that kept popping up during my packing up of the twin home and the cleaning out of drawers and cabinets so that Keli and her roomies would have places to put things... I came up with the following list:

Strange Discoveries of the Mover

• Keys in drawers, on shelves in cabinets in the laundry room and just about every other room in the house and I have no idea what they are for anymore. But I didn’t want to get rid of them! Not when I moved in and put them where I did, not when I put them where they were whenever I put them there, and not when I packed up for this current move. Hey, someday I might actually figure out what they were for and if I don’t have them anymore? I’ll be sorry!
• Loose batteries. Double A, Triple A, 9 volt… Are they good anymore? Are they bad ones that people didn’t know what to do with or just neglected to throw away at the time and then when they were seen later, nobody knew if they were good or bad so they got saved? I don’t know. So they moved with us too. Gonna have to buy a battery tester to find out.
• A person never really knows how many of the following one has until they need to clean out drawers and cabinets in a move:
o Pens and pencils
o Erasers for pencil ends and loose ones but too dry to use
o Pen
o Buttons
o Paper clips
o Batteries
o Keys
o Foreign coins in whatever denomination (who knew?)
o Bread twists
o Pennies
o Rubber bands
o Post-it pads???
o Tubes of lip gloss, tubs of carmex, etc.

Blogathon 11:00pm

More answers to Trudi's topics:
2) My bio: let me see... I grew up out West. I went to college at a very liberal small college in the midwest. I had high ideals of being a professor and helping the whole world to understand each other better and bring about world peace. Unfortunately, my car broke down by the side of the road during a blizzard late one December night. This lead to a dramatic change in career direction and place of residence. (21 years later, I still live about 30 miles from where my car broke down during my move out East.) I met Keri and settled in. Our dreams meshed and I met Keli and she melted my heart as well. So, I happily changed directions again and I became corporate guy and Keri and I got married and built the house of our then dreams.
I'm now an independent techie. Because of the medical stuff, I can't drive. So, I'm either travelling to other states to work, or I stay at hotels/apartments in walking distance to work and go home on weekends.
I have some very good friends and family and health and work. So,life is pretty darn good at the moment.
Time to post this. We just stumbed in the door of my apartment. We now have internet service! Yah!!!!

Blogathon 10:30pm

TRUDI! This might be hours late, but I don't want to ignore any topic requests. So, finally, this one. You asked:
1) Favorite vacation. Keri guessed right. It was last year's trip to new mexico. It was full of fun and laughs and talking all in that beautiful setting. To tell you the truth, it's a miracle that that vacation ever happened. And, I think that trip was the start of one of the most amazingly positive changes in my life. It will always be considered "my miracle vacation."
I see it is time to do this post now. We are cruising dowmn the highway at 70 mph on the way to my apartment. (I'm not blogging and posting cause I can't drive, so this is safe.) Let's see if the blackberry will let me post this now. --HalfBraiBoy

blogathon 10:00

Sitting in a parking lot on the hbb's crackberry. 4orry but this is all you get. We gotta fly.

Blogathon 9:30 pm - Post #28

In transit... we've made a quick stop at Dunn and now we're headed to the townhouse to pack for our trip to Chan for the night (because he has internet whereas we don't at the new place). So wish us luck for the big move between places because we have pit stops to make along the way! :)

Here's a picture of a pretty girl to make you smile while you wait for the next one. And a link to an inspiration to make you think about stopping by and sponsoring us - remember all donations go to the American Cancer Society. THANK YOU!

Blogathon 9 pm - Post #27

We just had a little dessert. We have had some good stuff today. Between the grad party and the dinner here and some dessert we have done well today. I'll give details soon. Now we have to get out of here! Poor Sara needs to lock up.

Blogathon 8:30 pm - Post #26 - A Meme

Blogathon 2007!
8:30 pm
Post #26
Location: Daily Grind Hudson
Author: Keri (aka: KinnicChick)

Unfinished Sentences

1. I've come to realize that my last kiss... was sweet and light.
2. I am listening... to HBB doing normal daily stuff in a coffee shop full of other noises and some music - Shadowlands by Ryan Adams I guess.
3. I talk... like I write like I think like I hear myself ramble…
4. I love... peppermint bon-bon ice cream.
5. My best friends... are introverts, too.
6. My car... is too big.
7. My love life... is nobody else’s business.
8. I hate it... when people ask “Can I ask you a question?”
9. I want to be done... with female stuff that comes up at this time of life.
10. Marriage is best... when it is with your best friend.
11. Somewhere, someone is thinking... “What is she TALKING about?” and I’m laughing because I’m thinking, “Marriage is best when it is with your best friend, but make sure your best friend is your spouse and that you are married to them and that your best friend isn’t your friend’s spouse. Or something like that.” Because I’m getting really tired and it sounds hysterically funny to me all of a sudden! Seriously? This practically has me falling on the floor! And I'm glad there isn't a spider on my knee again and that story will have to come later but don't let me forget.
12. I'm always saying... you know that guy in that one movie... and my family usually tolerates the fact that I can’t come up with either the movie or the guy because the story does get told. Eventually.
13. I have a secret crush on... the Philips personal body groomer guy. ;) watch the ad. Have some laughs. Use your mouse. Click on things. Click on everything. It’s a hoot.
14. I am not... fond of talking on the phone. At all. Even a little bit. Well, there are times I do not mind it. Mystical and I spoke on the phone the other night for 30 minutes with each other. And we didn’t even have plans we really needed to make. For the most part we were just chatting. It was pretty amazing. But usually? Don’t call me. Send me an email. I hate phones. Almost as much as I hate the television. Yo.
15. My cell phone... apparently looks like an alien pod of some sort.
16. When I wake up in the morning... I smile and am surprised if I can remember anything that I have dreamed about because dreams do not come easy for me. I am not a dreamer or not a dream recaller.
17. Before I go to bed I... use peppermint oil and recall gratitudes and think of wishes.
18. Right now I am thinking about... going pee. Well it asked. I’m all about honesty around here.
19. Babies are... frightening.
20. I get on MySpace... never. I’m a facebook girl. And completely addicted actually.
21. Today I... am blogathoning.
22. Tonight I will... blogathon.
23. Tomorrow I will... sleep. A lot.
24. I really want to... go pee.
Skipping 25 and just saying if anyone sees this and wants to do the meme at some point because I totally scammed this from Elle (didn't I? It was weeks ago) and this is what she put here. But first I’m passing it along to HBB and making him do it and I plan to watch him from across the room because it being his first meme I envision him pulling his hair out as he tries to answer them all “correctly.” :) It’s gonna be fun. I might even take photos. Heh.

Blogathon 2007 8:00pm #25

Hi, Keith here. We're still in the Daily Grind. We're hanging out with our good friends. This is a great atmosphere to just sit, talking, drink coffee and watch mainstreet go by. Feels a bit like Mayberry. I like it. I like it so much, as you can see, I'm a bit late on the post. But, hey, gotta enjoy life even in the midst of blogathon. So, we are.

Later tonight, I'm sure you'll be hearing more from us than you had ever hoped to.

"Will you blog 7:30 for me?"

Oh sure!
So as a request from the mother who is eating....
Here are a few pretty pictures from my camera that was at the grad party this afternoon.



Blogathon 7 pm - Post #23

Hey - if you are a regular user of the internet and spend time online doing any searching - why not use the Pink Ribbon Search engine? Check it out.

Our Goal: To Raise $1 Million Dollars for Breast Cancer Research and Awareness
All revenue from this site goes to Breast Cancer Research and Awareness

Blogathon 6:30 pm - Post #22

Here's a quickie for you as we are in the midst of very big coffee conversations...

Blogathon 6 pm - Post #21

For ~d, who is a $25 sponsor and so got to give us a topic:

How it feels to be the one left behind when cancer strikes your family...

I really have to reach into the deep folds of the brain for this one. Keith’s brain tumor was diagnosed back in 2001. Okay, that was only 6 years ago. Not that long ago over the course of a long life. But look how much can happen over the course of a single year. Marriages can pull apart, children can graduate from high school, people can move to new homes, sell old homes, kids can start college and move to a brand new old apartment in a whole new state leaving mom an empty nester all by herself for the first time in her entire life! Kids can discover that a college isn’t right for them and decide to move back home. And separated marriages can begin to heal and open and flower. So much really in a year. So very much in six years.

I guess the other thing is, when cancer struck it struck us all. Every. Single. One. Keli was impacted and I was impacted and Keith was impacted. No, I did not have to have my skull opened and my brain cut into. I did not have to feel the fear as I was wheeled into surgery that I may not wake up, or that I may not know who I was when I did, or that I may not know the wife who stood beside me or the daughter who called me dad when I came out of the anesthesia, but there were many other ways that I was impacted. I had my own fears. I knew that when he came out of it there was a chance he would not walk. I knew that when he came out of it there was a chance he would not talk. I knew that there would be a chance he’d have a different personality or not know who we were.

And Keli? Keith's changes could be very subtle and she would see them more than anyone else because she had known him since she was a toddler and had known all the nuances and quirks. And what if she lost him? Her second father gone. That’s how it would feel to her. We won’t go into any details on that.

I guess terror. Fear was the thing. We did a lot of fear. We spent more time doing research on the internet than anything else. Helplessness. That was another biggee. Because there was a lot of time spent in that part of the world. And perhaps that’s why I now spend so much time and energy with Relay For Life. Because it’s something that I can do. I couldn’t do a lot more than research then. But now? I can help give money to a program that helps fund an online database where other people who are going through that sort of situation might be able to find information when they are pulling out their hair in a hunt for research. And the event itself is so filled with hope and survivors that just spending time there with them and watching Keith spend time with them fills us with hope every single year. And that’s important too.

So I come here to the blog and I write about it. And spread the word. And I hope that I get the message out to the people who might be able to use it. Because ACS and Relay are a pretty powerful force in the fight against cancer.

And they help people like our new friend from this year’s Relay, Connor, who I hope you will all go see, because he is the most beautiful little boy ever. Gotta wrap to post this in time. Thanks ~d for your sponsorship.

Blogathon 5:30 pm - Post #20

This one is going to come early because you deserve it. First of all, we are at a new location, so here is a location photo:

And our dinner buds have joined us, so we're going to chat with them for a while and make some plans and we'll talk with you again soon.

Blogathon 5 pm - Post #19

Okay. I KNOW! I'm late again. We had to say goodbye to everybody. We WERE leaving on time. And then a bunch of people showed up and we had to say goodbye to THEM. So I'm here now. WE'RE here now. And I'm posting.

blogathon 2007 4:30 pm - post #18?

Heh. Keri just texted messaged me from a different part of the graduation party. Actually, I'm not even sure where she is. But, she asked me to post. So, without a second's thought, here's a post. I'm sitting around with the guys discussing local and world politics. Keri is out with the kids playing some yard game. Soon. Very soon, I'll post a real post.

blogathon 2007 4:00 pm - post #17

Big thanks to Anonybro for my getting this one in on time. Food has been consumed. Cake is being passed around. Memory book pages are being created. Sun is shining. Laughter is being heard and is definitely happening. Guests have arrived and at least one has gone on her way.

It is a party. And blogathon posts continue... apologies for their briefness. But hey, kids only graduate from high school once. I can only be in one place at one time.

And I have photos to print! Later...

blogathon 2007 3:30 pm - post #16

Meep! Late again, but not completely missing. And only 6 minutes late this time. Because I was trying to post from crackberry. Won't do that again. Got all of the way to blogger before it had problems.

My answer to Trudi's question... Do I like beer? Yes. Does it like me? Not particularly. I usually end up with a migraine the next day if I have more than one. So I have a couple, drink lots of water to counteract it and have a couple of advil before bed. SMOOCHES! Posting before I get any later.

blogathon 2007 3:00 pm - post #15

Seems like just minutes ago since my last update. :)

Okay. So here is a live update from the party. People are eating. People are drinking (mostly soda...). People are chatting and telling stories... My uncle's stories about the North Hudson gangs from the long ago days are fascinating. I hope to relate one of those later. And people are taking photos to make scrapbook pages for Jena's memory book. So the party has begun.

More later from the blogathon/grad party! whoohoo!

blogathon 2007 2:30 pm - post #14

Yes, a few minutes late, but NOT missing. Communication errors and problems all over the place with the crackberry down here so we lost the 2:30 post. but here I am.

Blogathon post ...

Argh. I had this all planned out to post from my blackberry while at the graduation party. But, techical difficulties. So, my long post is lost. This is our 2pm post for now. More very son. I will answer all of the topic suggestions right after the party! On a real computer!

Blogathon 1:30 pm - Post #12

Blogathon 2007!
1:30 pm
Post #12
Location: Traveling to RF
Author: Keith (aka: HalfBrainBoy)

1. best vacation you've ever had

No time to expand because we're flying out the door to Anonybro's house... But later, he will... This is the vacation he chose.

Blogathon 1:00 pm - Post #11

Thank you, KathyK for your sponsorship!

Early hours and already all these wonderful people with their comments and sponsorships. MWAH! Lovin' it. We are going to have to bug out in a bit to head to RF and my bro's house for the big Grad party. Wish us luck hooking up down there to post. They might be very short posts if we have difficulty because we'll be sending from the Crackberry, but post we will.

I never have figured out the whole posting a photo directly to the blog from my phone, so that won't happen. But I'll take a photo as we arrive at the new destination so we have a new location photo.

Need to get a couple of other things done before we head off. WHAT A BUSY AND WONDERFUL DAY!

Warm fuzzies back to all of you who are sending them our direction. And warm fuzzies to our friend Kelsey who is having her wisdom teeth extracted today. Smooches, dear!

Kelsey in her bonnet

Blogathon 12:30 - Post #10

Blogathon 2007!
12:30 pm
Post #10
Location: Dunn Bros Hudson (aka The Mighty Dunn)
Author: Keith (aka: HalfBrainBoy)

Oh no! Keri has left me at the helm of the blog while she runs back to the townhouse. It’s 10 minutes before the next post is due and I haven’t even started to write it. So, here’s my last -second post. Hmmm. I could talk about the weather. Hot, but beautiful. Love the big white clouds. I could talk about politics. Nope. Not going there. Dunn has become much quieter. I’m surprised how tired I am already. It must be just the idea of staying awake all night, or something. So, time to psyche myself up. Rah. Tell you what, I’ll post this much and, maybe, add more half way through the half hour. Okay, maybe that’s kinda cheating. But, this is still technically a post, right? Any new topics, anyone? Writer's block this early???

Blogathon 12:00 noon - Post #9

Blogathon 2007!
12:00 noon
Post #9
Location: Dunn Bros Hudson (aka The Mighty Dunn)
Author: Keri (aka: KinnicChick)

How we’re doing...

After four hours we thought we’d do an update on how things are going with our Blogathon so far. Now, granted, we started collecting pledges when I first signed up a couple of weeks ago, but we’re also gathering more today, so this number will be changing as we go through the remaining 20 hours today.

Blogathon numbers:

10 pledges totaling $427.46 (I’m not sure about that strange dollar amount. It must have to do with the pledge per hour or something... will keep an eye on that number and see if it changes...)

Cups of coffee consumed: 3 each

Food: 1 wild rice cake, ½ apple fritter, ½ bowl cereal, 1/3 bottle naked juice (Berry Blast)

Photos taken: 12

We hope more people comment. I just realized I didn’t take my meds before I left home. So I get to leave here and walk back to the townhome early to take them and gather things together for the grad party. Then I’ll drive back here and pick up Keith. I haven’t heard from Keli to know if she is riding with us or Michael. More later. MUCH more. We have 20 hours left! That’s 41 more posts! :)

(why do I always have an insane/frenzied look about me in photos?)

Blogathon 11:30 - Post #8

Blogathon 2007!
11:30 am
Post #8
Location: Dunn Bros Hudson (aka The Mighty Dunn)
Author: Keith (aka: HalfBrainBoy)

THANK YOU JENORAMA AND TRUDI for your sponsorships!

Hey, Trudi, thanks for the blog topic: “your most embarrassing moment.” It took me a minute because I think I’ve tried to forget this story. This embarrassing moment even earned me a nickname on my last work project.

Every day, I take yogurt smoothies to work to drink at my desk. It’s a decent snack to get me through my day.

A couple of years ago, I was on a new project, just establishing myself. I was working with a prestigious client with other consultants established in their fields. I felt good about making it to this point in my career.

It was the first week, in middle of an afternoon. I had been walking from cube to cube talking to people. After a few cubes, I came to my project manager’s office. He is known for a no-bull approach and calls things as they are. I was standing in his doorway, trying to establish my reputation with this guy.

As I started to leave, he pointed to my lap area. He asked, “Hey, buddy, what’s THAT!?!?!?” I looked down at my black dress pants. I was mortified. I found a big splotch of vanilla yogurt smoothie. It was enough that it had run in streams part of the way down my pants leg. A couple of my co-workers heard my boss’ ribbing. They came over and joined in. I begged one of them to walk in front of me to the door so I could leave work without being seen. Nobody agreed. And, I realized then, it didn’t matter. I had been walking from cube to cube that afternoon standing in doorways talking to all sorts of other people who hadn’t said a thing. There was no way they hadn’t noticed. We’re talking almost a cup of yogurt (so it seemed). I wanted to shrink into the floor. From that point on, I was known as “Yoplait”.

Eventually, I got a good laugh out of it, too. In the end, it turned out to be a good way to let down my guard and get to know my coworkers better. Also, I learned to buy Teflon-coated pants. And eat yogurt from cups.

Blogathon 11:00 am - Post #7

Blogathon 2007!
11:00 am
Post #7
Location: Dunn Bros Hudson (aka The Mighty Dunn)
Author: Keri (aka: KinnicChick)

Your baristas...

Sam and Natalie

HalfBrainBoy is doing his most embarrassing moment answer for Trudi and I didn’t want to rush him for the 11:00 hour, so here is a quick photo of the coffee goddesses as they fix my second macchiato of the morning. Mwah!

Aren’t they the cutest things to start the day with? And they make a mean cuppa coffee too.

Blogathon 10:30 am - Post #6

Blogathon 2007!
10:30 am
Post #6
Location: Dunn Bros Hudson (aka The Mighty Dunn)
Author: Keri (aka: KinnicChick)

EDITED BEFORE THE POST TO ADD - Thank you for the sponsorship Trudi!!! :) What timing! :)

I want to do a little plug here before I continue... My good friend Trudi has jumped into the online publishing world with her entire heart and soul and created a magazine that is taking the Internet by storm. If you haven’t read, subscribed and taken part in discussions or comments there yet, what are you waiting for? I’ll let Trudi describe it for you:

This magazine was created with the belief that every woman is good enough, just as she is, and that every woman has something important to say.

As We Are has created a space for women who are tired of articles telling us how we are lacking and what miracle cure will make us "good enough," as if we're not good enough right now. This magazine is where we can shine, cheer each other on, and match our strengths to the needs of other women, bringing out the best in all of us. The contributors to As We Are will challenge your mind and inspire you.

We aim to support individuals and find ways to fix the world around us – not fix the individuals and ignore what goes on around us.

Please be a part of As We Are.

So don't wait. Run on over to As We Are and have a read. If you like what you see, sign up. Take part. Get involved.

Playing on the radio - Bread, “Goodbye Doesn’t Last Forever” (my ears aren’t bleeding just yet)... which was followed by the Bangles unplugged version of, "Our Lips Are Sealed". Crazy

Still need to do before the grad party - find a couple of things, pay some bills, put them in the mail, walk home, load the car with the photo printer, cable, inkjet, remember the truffle pops!

Blogathon 10:00 am - Post #5

Blogathon 2007
Post #5
Location: Dunn Brothers Hudson (a.k.a. The Mighty Dunn)
Author: Keith (a.k.a. HalfBrainBoy)

Wow. The first couple of posts are already behind us. Off to a flying start.

Of course, it would start off smoothly. Like well-trained athletes before a big race, we have been preparing for days. As well trained blogathon athletes, of course, we got lots of sleep, engaged in quiet things to clear our minds, and, of course, rested our typing hands. NOT.

We ran errands all day in the heat. We stayed up very late watching movies. We worked and flexed our brains and typed and typed. We played. We laughed. Now, it will be VERRRRRY interesting to see how we are by 2:00am tonight. For that matter, it might be interesting to see how much we are propping each other up at 2:00 this afternoon.

If you happen by Dunn later today, we will be the two people pulling each other back off the floor. You’ll be able to identify us from our blogathon t-shirts. Say hello. Say good luck. Buy us coffee.

Blogathon 9:30 am - Post #4

Blogathon 2007!
9:30 am
Post #4
Location: Dunn Bros Hudson (aka The Mighty Dunn)
Author: Keri (aka: KinnicChick)

So I’m three posts into it and have only had one cuppa macchiato. No wonder I’m so sleepy. Time for a refill and to down my juice. HalfBrainBoy has arrived. He has to work today, too. So I’m going to handle much of the day’s writing and let him do some of his real job.

We’re sitting here at the coffee shop in our blogathon shirts with our blogathon mugs listening to the crazy muzak (is this Enya?) and I’m seriously ready to pull out my non-existent headphones and listen to something a little more peppy.

I’m a little surprised Keith doesn’t have his headphones on because the constant barrage of noise in here really had him on edge by the time we left after several hours of work yesterday.

As one of the regulars I see many of the same people hanging out here daily. One of them just pulled in on his motorcycle. He’ll come in and get something to drink and head back out for his relaxing time at a table on the patio where he can have a smoke with his coffee. He wears a little skullcap and goggles rather than a regular helmet over his longish grey hair. He’s a Harley boy through and through.

Time for a break for coffee... and then I guess Keith will take over for a post or two or ten. ;-)

Blogathon 9:00 am - Post #3

Blogathon 2007!
9:00 am
Post #3
Location: Dunn Bros Hudson (aka The Mighty Dunn)
Author: Keri (aka: KinnicChick)

So before I go any further on this thing I just want to mention what we’re doing here...

First, Blogathon happens once a year. Find it’s history here.
And this is how they explain what a blogathon is... "Remember when you were in school and you would bowl for charity? And for every pin you knocked down you got, say, ten cents? Or run for a dollar a mile? During the Blogathon, people update their websites every 30 minutes for 24 hours straight. For this, they collect sponsorships. Pledges can be a flat donation, or a certain amount for every hour the blogger manages to stay awake."

The charity we have selected to receive all donations collected, is the American Cancer Society (big surprise for anyone who may have followed this blog for any length of time). And specifically, the Relay For Life from our little town which still has it's books open for this year through the end of August.

Now, should you want to become a part of this donation/sponsorship process, all you have to do is click on the sheep. If you don't want to go through Blogathon to do the sponsoring, you can email us, or send a comment and let us know that. We can do it for you this year for the first time and do a sponsorship by proxy. Or if you prefer, you can go directly to the Relay link and just donate there and bypass the Blogathon link altogether. We don't have a problem with that. We simply want to get more money into the ACS bucket.

Throughout the course of the 24-hours, we'll also be sharing some links to various people we've met along the way. Brain Tumor warriors like Keith, and other cancer warriors. These are people who are fighting the battle now and you may see links to fund raising efforts they have currently going on. If you would prefer to donate to them directly, we don't have a problem with that either. Because this is about them.

It has always been about them.

Blogathon 8:30 am - Post # 2

Blogathon 2007!
8:30 am
Post #2
Location: Dunn Bros Hudson (aka The Mighty Dunn)
Author: Keri (aka: KinnicChick)

Okay, so here is our first location photo post...

Here is that location of which I speak so often, my favorite coffee shop. Unfortunately, I cannot give you photos of the cast of characters of which I have actually written in the past because they do not work on Saturday. Five-star million made mocha man (or whatever I named him way back when) is off at his weekend retreat playing grizzly adams or davy crockett or whatever it is he does up north on his days off. Though our holy-roaster will perhaps be here at some point but I’m not sure what time. Maybe I’ll get a shot of him stirring up the beans later. His lovely wife, who managed to keep the place running smoothly during well, never mind... doesn't work today, but we hope to see them both later.

Natalie, one of our newer favorites has asked that I get her picture since she made my machiato this morning, and I said I would definitely do that. Keith is bringing me more batteries, which I suspected I would need and do, after my very first photo.

He'll be here soon and I'll get more shots later.

And we're off with post 2!

Blogathon 8:00 am - Post # 1

Blogathon 2007!
8:00 am
Post #1
Location: Dunn Bros Hudson (aka The Mighty Dunn)
Author: Keri (aka: KinnicChick)


• Locations
o Three Hats Coffee
o My house
o Dunn Bros
• Activities
o Folks visited Three Hats
o Wes and Michele visited for Farkel and Pizza
o Smell hallucinations
o Poetry at the Junkyard thanks to Kimby (let’s set a time, this year, Kim! – how does 2 am central standard sound to you?)
• Food
o Coffee drinks
o Pizza
o Peaches from mom
o Erbs and Gerbs sandwich? I seem to recall this...
o I’m sure there was far more junk, especially at my house. And there were bou bites – chocolate covered espresso beans. Mmm.

2007: I’m envisioning the following thus far

• Locations
o NOT our house as we have no internet :(
o Mighty Dunn
o My brother’s house because we are celebrating my niece and nephew’s graduations
o Daily Grind in Hudson where Keli is working for several hours and where they have internet.
o And also where we will coincidentally be meeting Wes and Michele for farkel and pizza.
o When finished with that we are going to dash home and toss some things in the car. Then we’ll toss off a quick post at Dunn. From there we’ll zip quickly to Woodbury and dash off another quick post from another hot spot at either the WB Dunn, or a Caribou or Borders. All places we can get a shot of coffee. And do a photo blog quickly and efficiently. This will put us about half way to Half Brain Boy’s Chan bachelor pad where we will do the remainder of the Blogathon in his very comfortable location. Where he does have internet...
• Activities
o I’ve already covered many of these. We’ll be photo blogging.
o If I have any ability to do it speedily, we may get in a quick video blog of a farkel round.
o Perhaps there will be a video blog from the grad party.
o Otherwise, boring old normal blogging of the 24 hours and various ideas people sent in will have to suffice. Including ideas people are invited to provide for any $25 donation to our charity, the American Cancer Society’s flagship fund raiser, Relay For Life.
o And poetry at Kimby’s dog pound if she starts it up for us.
o And a time of Meme’s in the middle of the night. Keith is a total noob blogger, so we’ll be hitting him with some of those.
• Food
o No specific things really but we’ll be sure and share with all of you. Time is running out on this 30 minutes already. I have no intention of writing for the next 24 hours. Who would want to read of of that?? Besides. I need coffee!



Attempting a test post from this fr*ckin crackberry.


We've got butt perches!

Well, after a productive weekend with HalfBrainBoy in town shopping our little patookuses off at the Red Bullseye and the furniture store, we did it. We finally managed to get some things in the new place. It is no longer a home with no place to sit.

Remember this?

Well, it has found a new home right here. Whadya think?

But what! That's not all... We also picked out a couple of nice little tub chairs for the upstairs loft for the time being. I don't think they will have a permanent home there, but who knows? We wanted something fast because most likely, we'll be getting something special order for that spot and we really needed something to sit upon. They are covered in a palomino colored microfiber. There is a link but the color we chose isn't shown...

And finally, we selected a bedroom. Ordered it. It will arrive in several weeks. Not sure how many. By that point in time my eyes and ears were pretty glazed over and I can't remember what they said about the timing. Anyway, it will be awesome. Nice pieces. We still have several things to pick out but we can relax and take our time now because we have places to sit at least. Bar/counter stools would be cool to find but the places we have looked so far only have regular height stools and our counter is particularly high (regular bar height...) so they are a harder to find.

Looks like we probably won't have internet there before the blogathon, but hey, we have our t-shirts! And we have coffee! And we'll have our official blogathon mugs! Because we are all about the swag. heh. So sponsor us, please??? Because it goes to a great cause. I know you know someone who has gone through the cancer thing. Or is going through it. Or maybe YOU have gone through it. If one of those isn't enticement enough to get you to donate? Go read about our buddy from the Relay, little Brain Tumor Warrior, Connor... First of all, he is the most beautiful little boy ever, he has an amazing attitude, and he is fighting his cells to pieces. He's smoochable too. Look at those cheeks.

Okay. That's enough for today. I'm going to try and pick out an internet package from a web provider in the few minutes I have left before the coffee shop closes.

Thank you for welcoming Keith to the blog family. See you all again soon.



Hello, hello! This is Keith. This is a historic moment for me. I am writing my very first ever blog entry. I might have to print this and frame it just like companies used to frame their first dollar bill.

It was very nice of Keri to invite me to help her with her blogathon this coming weekend. It will be a totally new experience for me. I joked with a work friend that I will end up writing: I don't know what to say... I don't know what to say... I don't know what to say.... the whole time. But, as many would attest, I do tend to go on and on when I get started. So, I'm sure I'll figure out a thing or two to say.

We'll see this weekend. Anything for a good cause.

So, hello blog-readers!


Thank you!

Before I crash for the night I just want to say a few thank yous...

Pete S - Thank you for your GENEROUS donation to my Relay account. Because of the timing of your recent donation, I'm going to head out to Blogathon and make you a Sponsor by proxy. Smooches!

Carol M - Thank you for your GENEROUS donation received in my mailbox this afternoon. It came tucked inside my Blogathon postcard so I'm also going to head out to Blogathon and make you a Sponsor by proxy. Love you!

Heather - Thank you for your GENEROUS Blogathon Sponsorship! You ROCK! :)

Goodnight all! *yawn* I'll be doing these things in the morning...


Furniture shopping...

So I was at it all afternoon. HOURS of wandering from store to store and when I got to the old faithful location where we picked out all of the stuff that fills Keith's bachelor pad, wandering for hours THERE. In between that location and all of the rest, I spent about an hour at Borders poring through decorating books and mags looking at the latest trends in loft designs and just color mixing and so on so that I could get a feel for that once again. Even though I've felt comfortable for the most part in what I've managed to hobble together when I've set out to do our homes, I have never felt particularly confident in my abilities.

So when I got back to old faithful I took some photos of things I liked. I'm going to link some things here, and just put photos here of things. I know what HBB and I will be comfortable with and what I really like the most. Tell me what YOU think. Just for grins. Here is what I can tell you about our lifestyle... We like comfort over all. We aren't into fussy and frilly. We like the urban and loft and contemporary styles. And in the future? We are keeping our options open in the pet department. We MAY have another small dog. Not right away for sure because we want to take a few trips in the upcoming months and don't want to have to worry about that. But easy care is important.

So here is what I found interesting. The town home is open and on the smaller size...

This grouping, while not shown in its entirety, is interesting. The photo you see in the link is only the sofa and it looks VERY purple. I'll also include my photo... Now the thing about the color could be lighting entirely... Because the sales person told me that the loveseat, which looks taupe in my photo, is called military. She said when you see it in the window in natural light, it is definitely an army green color. So maybe the sofa really is a deep purple in natural light. A couple of the things I like about the set is COLOR!!! I also like that the pieces have solid backs as opposed to the

Then there is of course, the LaVida collection. Something entirely different, but when it comes to comfort there is no comparison. We have to consider this at least. Keith has a few pieces at his place. His is white. We wouldn't do white here. I would do a chocolate brown. Rich, and warm and yeah. It is like sinking into heaven. You can't help but nap in the stuff. It is huge, though. I'm not sure any of the pieces would fit. I'm really rethinking this... I'm not even going to link it, in fact... think think.

I have a thing for big chunky furniture right now. Does big and chunky fit in a downsized loft? I hope so. If you haven't seen THIS photo from Keith's bachelor pad (don't feel bad, it's just because you aren't my friend on facebook yet - make me your friend! or get thee on facebook and we'll hook up! *coughcursingmamacough*) I did add the bp photos to flickr last night for those of you not on fb so you could see what I'm talking about here... heh!

Anywho... While at the store, I looked for pieces that matched his stuff and/or was the same as his stuff that I liked most so that if/when we combine those pieces because his second place is no longer needed or whatever, it will all come together some day. And I did find some things. Like these...
Which of course match this piece of his... I also found some really awesome book shelves in the same style that I completely fell in love with and why I didn't buy them on the spot? I do not know. *kicks self* Because I would use them in just about any room in the house. Book shelves are needed for the two of us. We have books. Many books. And we never have enough room for them. Never. We have never in all of the time we have been together had enough space to put our books out. So yeah. Going back for those shelves. As many of them as I can find.

As for dining rooms? I'm most drawn to this particular style. It is a counter height table. And it is big. Why counter height? Well, not something I initially planned, actually. But across the room if you look at our house pictures, is our kitchen with island and in that island is our counter sink and so on and the breakfast bar which is raised to bar height. So the table over in the dining area? Maybe at that height for a flow thing... Just a thought. And I like the look of this one a lot.

I know. There is a lot of different stuff thrown together here. So take your time. Look around. Think.

I really went out today thinking - dark, black, urban, loft... That was what I had in mind for the wood. If not black then certainly very dark. Chunky or good heft. For the upholstered pieces I didn't have a clear picture. But certainly something with color or at the very least, simple with the ability to add color to it.

Help me out here... I'd love some input. What do you think?