A call for new inspirations...

I'm making a list of new Inspirations not for me, but for those who will be visiting my garage sale later this week. I want them to be inspired so that they will dig deeply into their purses and pockets when they are making their purchases. Yep. I'm not pricing things, ladies and gents. I'm simply saying "Won't you please look around you at the people who inspire me to do this year after year and give generously to the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life?"

Since our last garage sale in May of last year:

  • Our friend Tom passed away.
  • A fabulous woman we had invited to be our honorary chair also died, leaving behind three beautiful little girls, her devoted husband, and her identical twin sister, all of whom are lost without her.
  • A musical brain tumor warrior celebrated his 11th year of survivorship, a true miracle in his case.
  • Our Torch Bearer from the Relay of 2006 entered a trial... and after his condition worsened, had to leave it again. :(
  • I met a gentleman, who is the producer of a local cable news show and is currently editing a small bit we did about the Relay for his show to air next week. He emailed me tonight to say he begins chemo next Tuesday. He is also about to undergo a cancer trial because he was diagnosed in March of this year after a routine colonoscopy. His tumor was considered high-risk for return. People! Get those routine exams! They could save your life!
  • My sister-in-law lost her dear friend Dale. Pancreatic cancer is an awful beast.
  • A little baby was born here in my home town and he had a nasty brain tumor. It was removed and he now has the fun task of going through chemo. But Connor is a tough little cookie and his family will be a part of our Relay ceremony potentially. (click on journal if you head over to his site)
  • A classmate of Keli's lost her dad, Bud MacBride after his battle with a brain tumor.
  • The principal of Kel's high school was diagnosed and battled breast cancer.
  • The head of FBLA at her high school was recently diagn target=blank osed with leukemia and has entered his fight.
  • Another classmate of Kel's lost her very long battle with breast cancer.
  • A coworker of my SIL lost his battle with brain cancer.
  • A teacher from Kel's elementary school was diagnosed with melanoma inside her sinus cavity which has spread to her lungs and liver, and her sister who is battling ovarian cancer.
  • RelayForLife.Org has taken off with fabulous information to be found. Their motto - Celebrate! Remember! Fight Back!
  • Katie's MIL was diagnosed with breast cancer.
  • We lost my Aunt Dot after a very difficult battle.
  • Busy Mom lost her mother.
  • I learned that my friend Beth underwent breast cancer treatments.
  • I met a new friend, Cindy. Chemogirl as she is generally known online, is battling lymphoma.
  • My SIL Diane's father has been in and out of the hospital battling his cancer.
  • My friend Ken at InkJetBlues had a malignant melanoma removed from his shoulder.
This is just a 'top of my head' go of a recent list of inspirations for the garage sale. You can bet it is a running list and much more will be added.

I hope if you have additions to make, you will do so in the comments. Your help in building my inspiration wall for the garage sale will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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