Sunshine is beautiful... and so are you.

It's supposed to be 60 degrees by the end of the week in Santa Fe. And on Saturday? That's where I'll be headed. Those of you stuck here in the snow, enjoy. I'll think of you.

I've been spending the last crazy days in several interesting pursuits:

  • There was the bridal fair. It was fun in that I got to spend several hours with my very fun sister-in-law. I enjoy her company. And we got our name out there to several brides-to-be, a few of whom were even serious about utilizing truffles in their wedding plans. Many people sampled our trifles (our little mini-truffles) and we heard only raves.
  • Keli and I went shopping at Ikea (yeah, you all remember how much I love this place - maze from hell but I did learn the shortcut top to bottom the last time I was there and while I still get totally turned around every time I go there, I spend a tiny bit less time completely lost.
  • Because we went shopping at Ikea we brought home large boxes filled with things which needed to be assembled. The reason for this shopping trip is that she had moved many of her things back from her apartment in on Grand Avenue in St. Paul. She needed some serious book shelves for all of her books. So we spent a day assembling. And moving furniture around. And her bedroom? Coolest room in the house by far. Maybe she'll let me share some photos with you one of these days because it is really awesome.
  • Prepping for New Mexico! Of course.
  • And now things begin in earnest to prepare for the Relay in June, including a garage sale to benefit the Relay (and benefit me because I want to be able to get rid of a lot of STUFF) and just mega preparations to get people in the town fired up.

Song of the Day: Foolish Heart from Steve Perry. Because I'm sitting in a coffee shop where they are listening to flashback light rock favorites to drive me crazy.

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