Pass me that box of tissues, please???

I went all of the way to New Mexico and all I got was this lousy sinus infection. The kids had a great time. Okay, I did too. But seriously? Who knew I was so allergic to the Juniper! Not me. This photo? That's me standing in the midst of a fully blooming and about to burst it's pollen all over me - JUNIPER tree. I had found out that morning that this was my nemesis. See all of the orange flowered goodness all over the branches? Yeah. That's where the sweet little buds are about to burst. These trees were all over the park.

The park by the way, which was ours. All day. All ours. We saw two other sets of people out there all day long. It was like it had been set aside just for us. It was totally incredible. Incredible. I'd love to show you all of the photos, but some other time, perhaps...

Song of the Day: I Think I See the Light from Yusuf Islam

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