As I lie here coughing and feeling sorry for myself...

There has been a name on my inspiration list for a very long time. She was the mom of a fellow graduate in my daughter's high school class. Kimberly fought her breast cancer for a very long time. I spoke with her years ago at a parent teacher conference where she told me that the doctors had given her a very short time. She still had two young girls, one in high school and one in middle school. This wasn't sitting well with her, obviously. The next time I saw her, many months later, she was doing much better and was in a trial drug program. She lived several years beyond the doctors' predictions (so I really wish they'd stop making them) and saw her oldest daughter graduate and the youngest girl is now nearly halfway through her high school years. Certainly not ideal, but better than any of us had ever thought they would see. Rest in Peace, Kimberly.

Please continue prayers for Monica... She has two beautiful little girls who would love to see her around for a long time, too.

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