update on Grant.

From his CaringBridge site because I cannot write it myself...

“The Perfect Trust……….God has a plan, it may not be what we all want, but he does have a plan for Grant.”

Ann called this afternoon with a report on Grant’s condition. They removed the breathing tube last night. Grant was coherent and recognized his Mama and Papa. He did not recall the events of the previous night (seizure, ambulance, etc). He only slept briefly while his mom lay in bed next to him. His respirations and heart rate are calm when his family is right with him. Today has been a difficult day as Grant has been seizuring much of the day. They are trying to control this with medication. The news of the MRI was not good and it identified multiple tumors in the brain. They met with the care team (neurologist, oncologist, radiologist, and pain specialist) to review the results. The primary goal is to control the seizures. He remains in the ICU at Children’s in very serious condition. The family continues to ask for prayers for Grant and prayers for God’s strength to endure this painful time.

Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

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