Since we're on the subject of inspirations...

I need to add a few to my list.

If you have some to add, please let me know. My mileage continues even as I neglect to add it to the website. I'll be trying to get it updated here this weekend. We have joined the local Y to combat the cold and Keli and I began visiting this past week. I love circling a track 17 times in order to count a mile. No complaints here.

The first name going on the list here is a local man named Steve E. And can you believe it, he's another brain tumor warrior. What is it in the water around here, people? Steve was diagnosed last summer and has since undergone surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and continues with medication to combat seizures and brain swelling. He has two boys still in school (15 and 9) and four adult children.

The other name going on the list today is a teacher in the school district from which Kel graduated. Hers turns out to be a melanoma inside her body and actually within the sinus. Fundraisers for both of these people are happening within our town in upcoming weeks. And as I read more about Ms. B's cancer in the local paper this morning, I read that her sister is battling ovarian cancer. So as I add Ms. B, I will be adding the name Ms. B's sis as well.

And for KathyK - I'm adding her friend, Sue P, single mom of two daughters who had a biopsy of her brain tumor on her 50th birthday. Still awaiting her biopsy results.

Song of the Day: Paperweight

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