Dribs and Drabs...

I don't think I've ever gone two weeks without blogging since I've started the 500 Mile Blog. So this has been a record of sorts. And it's sad to me that I haven't really missed it. I suppose that's because:

  • I've still been writing. A lot. Not in a blog, but I don't really need anybody reading my writing and giving me feedback for my writing to be satisfying to me. I write for the love of writing. So there's that.
  • I've been hellaciously busy. Truffles by BC is going to have a booth at the local Bridal Fair this weekend. This means there are many many truffles to make because we want all of the adorable brides-to-be to be able to sample any truffles that sound delicious to them. We want them to see what sorts of set ups are possible for them to use the truffles on their big day. And we want our display to be beautiful. There have been other things to prep for the event, too.
  • Determining a living space has kept my brain a little busy. I'm giving serious thought to moving. My lease is month to month now so I can do that. For someone who really likes change I believe a month to month lease is a dangerous thing. I have my eye on two condos and a couple other apartments.
  • And there is the whole issue of spring break vacations. Ideas were put into certain people's heads and so small vacation trips were dreamed up and follow-through is now all that is left for that plan. The hardest part...
  • I've been visiting the Y. Thank goodness for machines like the ellipticals. I don't necessarily have to circle the track 17 times to do a mile if I can use an elliptical machine, as well. So I'm racking up the miles.
There are people I'm keeping an eye on, too. People like our torch-bearer, Grant. He left for Chicago today for a trial study. I'm thinking of him a lot.

And I'm thinking a lot about Monica who leaves tomorrow for Hawaii. I hope you'll provide some good thoughts for the two of them over the coming days and weeks too. Please.

Okay. Enough about what I'm doing. What have you been up to? I'd really like to know. If you're just stopping by for a visit, and don't care to tell me what you've been up to, how about a quick hello. I'd like to hear that too. Is anybody out there anymore?


Song of the Day: Wincing the Night Away the fabulous new album from The Shins - I'm totally addicted...

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