Another BT Warrior...

The beauty of the internet is in the connections that are made. Late last week I received an email from a fellow Relay person who wanted to do some exchanging of ideas. She had found me through my blog. She's in Canada and is on the committee of her own Relay. I'm adding a new Brain Tumor Warrior to my list today for my new friend, Kristi. His name is Mike. Amazingly enough (because of how RARE the brain tumor is supposed to be according to all of the statistics), I already have a BTW named Mike on my list. And he's a local boy who owned the pizza joint I hung out at when I was a teenager. So Kristi? Your BTW Mike is Mike 2.

Thanks for adding him to my Inspirations list. And thank you for coming out of lurker land to say hello and exchange ideas with me. Best of luck with your Relay. If you want to send me a link to your online fundraising page, I'll put that on my page, too.

That reminds me, Heather. I'm going to put yours on the sidebar before the post scrolls away.

Song of the Day: Lean on Me

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