Monday Ramblings

Well, it was a pretty light snow as these things go. There were several schools around the cities that opened a couple of hours late, but none that closed for the day as far as I could see.

I'm still trying to get some word on how much we actually got. Not having a tv does actually blow sometimes. Although, our news isn't all that local. I'd get a report of how much snow they got at the airport, which is about 45 minutes from here, so it wouldn't be that accurate anyway. Today's forecast is for more snow all around the region and after the morning's beautiful sunny brilliance, it has completely clouded up and looks like the sky could start dumping the white stuff again at any moment. Thanks Iki. You can stop wishing now. This is enough for me for this week. ;)

I'm REALLY looking forward to tomorrow's weather, though. They're calling it an arctic sun day. High of 5. Woohoo. Toss a little wind into the mix to really give us a good blast of the arctic while you're at it. I love winter. I love winter. I love winter.

I stayed home this morning for my coffee. Made it myself. Stop it. I heard that gasp. I ground the beans. I put them in the coffee maker. I made a whole pot and am halfway through it. No fancy schmancy caramel macchiato latte frappacino with a squirt of mocha. Nothing fancy at all. (I don't do fancy. It's all I can do to grind the beans and make the coffee.) They hadn't plowed my driveway yet and I didn't want to pack the snow down if I didn't have to. Going out for coffee was lower priority. There were other things I could get done anyway. Emails to send for Relay and bills to pay. Thank you cards to write... So yeah. I'm just enjoying my coffee in house. By the fire. And now the plowing and shoveling is done and I'm going to finish the coffee and maybe head out to get some other errands done. But I might have a coffee shop stopping free day. Think of the money for Italy I can save if I do that once a week!

Think I may crochet a mitten or two today, too. Got a new pattern. Excited to try it out. I'm such a homebody. *snort*

Have a great Martin Luther King day ya'll. Enjoy the winter. Wherever you are. Even if you have to turn on the air conditioner to do it (lucky).

In my head: Fred Astaire but I can't quite make out the song he's singing. I can hear the melody, but not the words... something about tap shoes or top hats. Maybe it isn't even him. I'm guessing here. Driving me crazy. Might be that other guy. You know... damn. I'm telling ya, Kel... we outta make a game...

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