Tuesday Treat...

I decided to institute something new here just because I could. It's my house and I'll make the rules. Or something like that. So I decided that Tuesdays in the month of January are going to be the day I tell you of a fun site I check out on a regular or semi-regular basis.

And it isn't because I have a huge readership and want to direct my hundreds of daily readers their way. HA! I have three. On a good day. So yeah. All three of you might want to check out this site.

It's called Ashvegas. Which in itself is pretty fun. I have no idea how I stumbled upon it. I think I was doing a search on something. Perhaps there was a comment by someone and I was just doing the old "follow the chain" thing. Whatever it was, however it happened, I landed there. In Ashvegas (a blog about life in Asheville, North Carolina) you will find well written prose, humorous sarcastic bits of news, part photo essay, part written. Much poking fun at the world around them. But all written from a place of love for the author's life there. In Ashvegas. That much is obvious. Feelin' the love...

Check it out. Then come back and tell me what you think.

Have any sites you enjoy visiting? One that makes you smile or laugh? Tell me! Laughing is high on my list of priorities of 2007. Thanks.

In my head: Leaving Las Vegas by Elvis, duh.

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