THIS is winter

This is the winter that I remember. The good stuff. The negative numbers. The mind-numbing cold that freezes the tiny little hairs way back inside your nose when you breathe.

Yup. It's here. I'd change my avatar? But there is no use. There is nothing that expresses the true spirit of this kind of cold out in avatar land. I love this kind of winter. Don't play with me when you're coming on, winter. Just hit me. Slap me in the face with everything you've got and give me the shock every time I walk out the door. THIS is what winter is all about. THIS is why I choose to live in Wisconsin. I mean, the thing I've been hating about winter is when it just toys with me with it's little just below freezing temperatures that are annoyingly cold and damp. Seriously? That isn't winter. That's just ridiculous.

THIS is winter.

Click for Hudson, Wisconsin Forecast

In my head: The Weepies

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