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I was over at Bill and Stacey's since I noticed they had a new post up and while there catching up I noticed that there was a bit of a memory nagging at the wrinkles of my brain. So I thought I'd come over here and capture it before it was gone.

Billy was rambling a little (as he is won't to do on occasion) about the food at BK and I remember those days of the food being somewhat well, can we call it 'of higher quality' than the stuff you could get from the clown? You were led to believe that at least. I remember those halcyon days of my fast food youth. I can't say we ate at fast food places frequently. It was more of a treat back then. It wasn't like it is for my kid where eating out is the backbone of her diet and finding food in the fridge at home is a shock surprise. But I definitely remember that the BK was the place with the burgers that seemed a little more like a real burger with their flame broiled goodness and their "have it your way" theme song which even now runs through my head in all its "up with people-y" lightness and joy.

I stuck to a pretty basic menu back in the day... a plain burger, small orange soda and small fries. And as I said, it was a treat to go there. But go there I did, and pretty faithfully on the very special occasion... immediately following my orthodontist appointments having gone to have my braces tightened. Dad would take me to my appointment (bear with me mom, I know there were plenty of appointments that you took me to, as well, but I have vivid BK memories going here with dad...) and then he and I would stop for lunch at BK. Thank goodness he wasn't a big clown food fan because I hated that clown. He frightened me. And as Bill pointed out? Ronald himself actually hung out in the place and came and chatted with you as you "enjoyed" your dining experience back then so going to the golden arch place was not a fun time for me. Ever.

Can you imagine what life at BK would be like if the king himself hung out there? It is my belief he would have to fear for his life because I don't think people would leave him alone. If I saw him walking down the street and I was behind the wheel of my SUV? I'm not sure I would be able to control any bat-outta-hell girl impulses which might cause me to run him over because that king? Terrifies me. Seriously. Far worse than Ronald ever did.

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