some mileage updates

Unfortunately, since I haven't been keeping this up to date here, I am afraid I'm not going to be terribly accurate. I need my friend Katie to show me a fabulous table that I can update somewhere that will be so beautiful I'll want to update it the minute I've finished my workout/run/walk so that I'll do so. And that I can easily put into the the template and that will have a java script or something and will be an auto update for the blog. :) Because she's smart like that.

I'll work my way backwards through the calendar, as well as I can and then I'll total up the miles I do know and post them to my total.

Today I did five miles.

Yesterday (Monday) was three.

This weekend was a bust due to my birthday celebrations (read: migraine).
1/14 was 2.
1/17 was 4.

Which means I can add a measly total of 14 miles to my total... *sigh* I am somewhat behind. But I'm coming on strong. So that's good. I'm picking it up.

My inspiration this month is Katie's 80-year-old mother-in-law. They learned in early December that she has breast cancer. I can't imagine going through any sort of surgery, be it lumpectomy or mastectomy (her own surgery) or whatever is needed to handle breast cancer at 80.

Miles - 14
Miles to go - 470

Song of the Day: 500 Miles by the Proclaimers

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