Oh my...

Did I say that winter had not arrived yet?

The snow is piling up on the window ledges outside the coffee shop. It looks like I am sitting inside a snow globe!

Ran a few errands earlier this afternoon, heard that snow was on the way and wrapped them up as soon as I could. Now I'm doing a little Relay stuff and will be heading home (it's only a few blocks) soon to curl up with a good book by the fire.

I have some serious organization to do this week. I got it underway last week and I'd really like to get it finished this month. January - the month of organization. I cannot believe how fast this first month of the new year is going. We are speeding toward the first Girls' Night of 2007 or something.

Okay. Heading out. I'm going to finish up my stuff at home. There is nothing worse than trying to relax in a cozy spot when you can tell the employees just want to get home. :) I don't blame them, though. Wow. The snow is gorgeous. Happy Winter!

In my head: I Can't Remember from The Thorns (they are a guilty pleasure)

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