Miles of Imogen...

Let's get this out of the way first -

Miles - 3.5
Miles to go - 466.5

Today's miles are dedicated to my Birthday twin Butch because I'm thinking about him. I hope he is well wherever he is and if he is still going through treatments I hope they are going well. I heard from a mutual friend that he may be in Arizona for a short visit right now. I'm hoping that may be the case because people haven't seen he or his lovely wife around lately.

Kel and I had tap class tonight and much fun and exercise. We got extra attention from the teacher because none of the other students were in attendance.

Did you all get your lottery tickets? I didn't. :(

Hugs to our friend who lost her grandmother recently. We only learned tonight. I hope you and the rest of your family are doing okay. We're so sorry for your loss.

The Imogen mentioned in the title refers to Imogen Heap. You may have heard her music. Keli received her hot album last year at Christmas (2005) entitled Speak For Yourself and she and I nearly drove all around us crazy listening to it over and over. Then we moved on to other music and didn't listen to it for a long time. Well it was one of those things where one of us pulled it up on iTunes the other day and played it and stuff flooded over both of us. We both had immediate feelings of "Last Winter" and remembered where we were during many of those hours of repeated playings and who we were with and so on. I purchased a few more pieces from Imogen this week and have been listening to them with much the same feelings. And I bought the soundtrack from Last Kiss and one of the songs from last winter is on that cd, so again, the memory floods. Amazing how the memory works and triggers like that.

Do you have strong memory associations? Smell is a strong one for me like music. Certain shampoo can send me to a church camp in Montana in 1981 at the base of the Rocky Mountains. I no longer remember the brand, but I know it when I smell it.

Song of the Day: Loose Ends from Imogen, of course.

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