Happy Birthday Butch!

In a world of farkelers and friends, it's nice to share my birthday with you. :)

I hope you are doing well and having a really great birthday... Hope you are enjoying a nice cup of cocoa or maybe a strawberry smoothie today.

(Butch was the luckiest farkel roller of two dice I ever met. When the rest of us were stopping on a three die roll, he'd always go for another shot... with positive results.)

I'm going to enjoy a little pizza this evening with Michele. It's been a pretty great birthday so far. I began the festivities early by having dinner last night with Mystical. We headed a little nort (intentional) to Marine for burgers 'n beer at Brookside Bar & Grill. Then it was back to her mom's place to watch a little Monk with her mom and Katie the Golden. Then we went upstairs to Mystical's so Chico the cat could join the party. A wild evening, I'm telling you.

This morning I awakened to tp streamers and this very cool birthday card. Which I realize is probably too small for you to read. A certain clever teen I know (you have NO idea how clever) made this beautiful card which tongue-in-cheek mentioned that she knew how birthdays after 40 just get more and more poopy and so, she was giving me plenty to clean up with. She had decorated the whole house with streamers made of tp, as I have already mentioned but you may have missed.

I, in turn, missed the entire joke for about three hours.

I blame the migraine.

tiny sample of the tp and the balloon bee...

We went off to pancake breakfast with my mom (served up by beautiful niece, Erin - earning her way to a mission trip this summer) at Applebees and came home to dessert of oreo cake they purchased oh so stealthily for me around midnight last night whilst I slept...

Back from pizza at Bricks with Michele, who knew nothing of my birthday and still bought my dinner. I have lovely friends. And I got to bring home all of the leftovers! Now I'm off for coffee. Yum!

In my head: A Hard Days Night from The Beatles

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