For Miles.

Miles - 3
Miles to go - 497

Started the mileage. Started slowly. Need to do that so I don't knock myself out right from the start.

This one is for Miles, friend to Amy and Earl who lost his cancer battle just this past week. I received an email from Amy who says this:

He was one of the four that Earl went with twice a year on his fishing trip with the guys. It will never be the same. But I like to think that we will always have a piece of him in our home with his expert craftsmanship. Its just so hard to understand and even harder to accept that all this happened to such a happy guy in such a drastically short amount of time. Its almost like he never had a chance. But I will always remember him the way I saw him last, happy and smiling, bouncing around on those stilts spackling our ceiling.

I pray for his family to get through this and hope that when the future holiday seasons arrive, they don't find sadness but rather can find some happiness in knowing that Miles is in a better place. He never got to have a family, pay off his house, or retire. And in the end, none of that mattered. It really makes the rest of us realize what's important in life. He did have two best friends, and I think anybody who's lucky enough to have two must be a pretty good guy.

I thought those were really lovely words for him. Hugs Amy and Earl. Again I am sorry for the loss of your friend. Miles was 41.

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