cold miles

aren't they keen?

So although the temperature up there for my area has been holding steady today somewhere above twenty degrees, what you don't see is that there has been a brisk breeze kicking up. That meant that when I was out for my very fast (necessity screamed RUN!!!) walk today, it actually felt more like 12 to 15. It wasn't bad when I did the major portion of the walk. But that's when I made a crucial mistake.

I decided to make a stop and have a warm drink before finishing up and heading back home.

It was mostly because there was an errand I needed to take care of with one of the employees who was working at the place I was stopping. I knew she was going to be leaving there soon and I could take care of this thing if I scooted in there quickly before finishing off my walk. But also? I just thought a nice warm drink by the fire would be a cool reward for going out in to the cold and freezing my kadoofus off to get my workout for the day and my mileage put behind me. I need to update some of that, too. Haven't been good about that.

I knew when I set out that this was the ultimate plan. It helped get me moving. It was a little incentive. So when I left the house, I put my little shoulder bag on with a book tucked inside and my coffee card, and I hustled right along and got some good walking in. As I set out I got blasted by the wind but then I didn't notice it anymore. Perhaps I stayed sheltered enough for those first miles because I kept within the housing development and tried to stay a wind-friendly direction. Perhaps I had my eyes on the prize and just didn't notice the cold.

Then, I sat in the coffee shop by that fire, chatted with the employee to do the errand and had some laughs, read my book for a while... and it hit me. I was snug, warm, comfortable inside and out. What the heck was I thinking? I was going to go back out in this gray and dismal, windy and damp stuff and walk back home? I'm not kidding when I tell you that the sub-zero stuff of the other day that I was extolling is so much better than this. This totally sucks.

I whimpered. I sniffled. I sneezed. I totally psyched myself out and could not enjoy the last few pages read. I will have to read them over again because I'm certain I missed every word. My eyes saw them but my brain didn't. (And trust me, this is fascinating stuff, my brain has wanted to be engaged - it's terrifying, but fascinating all the same... Worse Than Watergate: The Secret Presidency of George W. Bush by John W. Dean, former counsel to President Richard Nixon... if it sounds interesting to you by all means read it because it is. If you've already read it? Let me know what you think...)

And when I wrapped the scarf around my neck, zipped my vest, pulled on my mittens and ventured out into it? It was as bad as I was envisioning. It was far worse than the first portion of the walk had been. I'm not certain if the wind was much stronger or if I was now just forced to walk into it the entire trip back but my face and ears were nearly frozen into... here I go. Complaining. My eyes were watering and the tears poured down my cheeks and do you KNOW how good that feels with the cold wind blowing on you? *sigh*

It was COLD dogdamn it. COLD.

Now I have to go figure out the actual miles so I can get that all updated. And post it all separately so that I can list some inspirations in a post that is much separate from complaints. :)

Like the keen wintery shoes? Nice to see I'm not wearing the sandals in the snow now, isn't it? I had those on a couple of days ago. They don't do a great job keeping the feet warm in Wisconsin. New Mexico is singing her siren song...

Song of the day: Ants Marching Dave Matthews Band

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