2007 in Preview

Swiped from Bluegrass Mama because she is wise, and I thought it would be interesting to predict/announce what might be/is coming up for me and mine...

January: I'll be getting older this month. Well, I mean we're getting older every day, but yeah. You know what I mean. But even MORE fun? I'll be joining CursingMama and Kazoofus and Mystical at a Girls' Night Out this month! Woohoo!

February: Make so many truffles for Valentine's Day that my fingers don't move by the end of the month.

March: Keli turns 19 and we perform in our dance recital.

April: Truffling for Easter. Seriously truffling. And fundraising for Relay. Big time fundraising.

May: Papa Elf has a birthday.

June: We'll be Over the Rainbow for Relay 2007

July: When was that Blogathon? Uh huh. I think I'm doing blogathon again. That is the focus of July.

August: I'm guessing but this MIGHT be the timeframe of the trip to Grand Marais for a couple of bloggers I know and I...

September: Keli and a couple of friends head off to Europe for a time of backpacking and staying in hostels.

October: Mystical and I take another road trip. Let's see. This time we'll be going to New Mexico. Yeah. And maybe I'll stay there. heh.

November: I write a novel.

December: Holiday shopping and truffling. That is what December means for 2007.

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