Thanks for the cheerleading... :)

The coffee is what put me over the edge. Seriously. That and Keli jumping around here like a little chicken with her ... never mind. Thanks for the use of the corn bag for my feet, Kel. Your support tonight was very helpful. :) We can watch that movie now if you want.

No Chicago tomorrow. Vicki is in the UP taking care of Bud. Smooches to you both. :(

Iki is passing her cookies on to others. *sigh* No cookies for me. That's quite alright, though. Seriously. Needing no cookies here. No roadtrip with Zoofy in the morning. Sometime soon. No Jenorama this weekend. Oh well. Soon. Seriously. We will do this thing. I'm looking forward to seeing each of you. Vicki, your invitation was so appreciated. I know I'll be down there soon. With or without the rest of them.

In my head: About a Boy Soundtrack from Badly Drawn Boy

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