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Yeah, I had to give you her face, too. Because she is so lovely.

Lovely Katie

1. Take the nearest book and go to page 123.
2. Go to the fifth sentence of the page.
3. Copy down the next three sentences and tag three people.

Alan now knows that his narcissistic father needed him to replace the father's dead brother, a man whose paintings covered the walls of Alan's childhood home. It was only later in the interview that I heard Alan's resentment at being used to replace a dead family member. Before he expressed his feelings about being used, Alan had to maintain his assigned role as stand-in artist/genius.

I tag Heather, Keli (who I will not link to unless we hear back from her that she wants us to and until then, she can do this in the comments), and Ken.

In my head: So Says I from The Shins

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