I've been tagged...

My friend Robert's blog muse has returned... he is starting out light and that's okay with me. Just so he's back. Glad to hear it, Robert. He has done a Christmas meme and tagged me with it. I can't hardly ignore it, right? I mean I was over there pestering him to get writing again, and now that he has I have to pay attention. *waves at Robert* So here are my own answers to Robert's tag.

I want...

Snow for Christmas. (I admit it. I stole this from Robert. But Keli really wants a white Christmas and I have a feeling there are a lot of other people who do, too. Like the people who make a lot of their money during the winter plowing the snow. And those who make a bit of their cash off snowmobile sales up here. etc. As for me? Well if you've been reading around here for very long, you'll know that I should be in New Mexico for the winter by now.)

Peace in the Middle East and an end to the genocide in Darfur. (just the little things...)

How obvious is it that I want to end cancer? I don't know that I even need to mention this one since it is so obvious. So instead I'll say more time to read my stack of unread books that are piling up.

What I don't want...

Another year filled with funerals.

Continued deaths of troops and civilians over oil. Bring them home.

Injuries to curtail the walking/running I intend to start in earnest this week.

Now, to pass the meme along, the man has never done one that I know of, so I figure this meme will stop with him, but Christmas is practically upon us, so that will be okay if it does. Or maybe in the spirit of the season he'll surprise us. The snowball is in your court, Mark.

In my head: White Christmas is playing on the loudspeaker here and Bing's got just that perfect voice for it, doesn't he?

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