It's time once again...

to play the "Ten Word Meme!" You may remember some of us playing this last year. I found it as I have been perusing the posts in an effort to create my own recap of my 2006 for the year end and thought it was time to do it again. So I closed my eyes and dropped something on the keyboard to pick a letter for the game and here we go...
This how it works: I told you how I got my letter... "F". I'll write ten words and include a brief description of why I chose each word. If you would like to play along, say so in the comments and I'll give you a letter to post to your blog. Last year I got the game from Kathy.

  1. Farkel: if you've read for very long around here, you've heard this mentioned once or twice. I picked up a little knowledge of the game from friend Sir William and his lovely gang of farkelers. And I've done what I can to pass the knowledge along.
  2. Friends: being an introvert I do not have these in high numbers, but I deeply appreciate the ones that I do have.
  3. Fiction: this goes for books and movies and the stuff that I write, too. It's an important player in my life, yo.
  4. Family: is there a family out there that is perfect? is there one out there with excellent communication skills? I have yet to meet one. Regardless, family can provide wonderful support where it is needed. Mine has for me. I could do the same. I'm not as stoic as some. ;)
  5. FUN! One of the most important things in life so you don't have frown lines wrinkling up your face.
  6. Futon: A major piece of furniture in our home.
  7. Food: Can you say take out, frozen, or delivery service? And no, my refrigerator still doesn't look any better than it did in those photos. You wanna make something of it? Refrigerators are for making drinks cold, having an ice maker, and keeping all of those boxes of frozen food. I love the fact that Target has a frozen food aisle and milk now. I basically never have to go to the grocery store.
  8. Fish! The latest addition to our family is Keli's pet fish, Brother Fuselage. He is a bubble-eyed deep blue goldfish and he makes me smile.
  9. funeral: there were a lot of them in 2006. I expect to have put them behind me for a time. 2007 is the year of LIFE.
  10. five-hundred miles: The time has come to begin again.

Who wants to play???

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