Gnomic? huh. I never knew.

Stolen from that sweet little CursingMama.

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Countess Keri the Gnomic of Old Tonbridge Wafers
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I hope you all have a truly wonderful holiday this weekend and enjoy your friends and your families and enjoy the spirit of giving that is most important at this time of year. Don't just pass those bell ringers by with your eyes down. Stop. Put a dollar or two or five in their bucket. Look them in the eye and wish them happy holidays and thank them for their efforts.

Get more excess for Christmas than you could ever need? Thank your givers for their thoughtfulness. And box it up and pass it on to those who truly do have a need for it. Because believe me they are out there.

We are a pretty glutinous society. What do you really need? What have you really got?

In my head: Mrs. Jesus from Tori Amos (have a listen to this fabulous woman. What a voice...)

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