Get on the bus... please.

The Rick Springfield Concert to Benefit Sahara Aldridge is coming up. SOON!

How many people can we help get on that bus to help Sahara defray the cost of her medical expenses? Come on. You don't recognize Sahara's name? I've mentioned her before. But if you need a refresher, head over to my archives here and have a read. Or head over to Sahara's site and learn about her battle against a GBM tumor. Yep, a brain tumor is the same thing that got me out here raising funds because it is what they finally found was causing Keith's symptoms back in 2001.

So now to get back to the whole bus discussion, Michael Manning, that guy with the really big heart who wants to do something amazing to help this little girl pay some of the cost of her battle, has put together a fun trip on a luxury tour bus out of his home town of Cincinnati leaving the morning of the big concert and ... well, why don't you just go read all about his efforts on his website. I'm linking up the posts where he has described how to get on board so you too, can be a part of this big event and not miss out on all of the fun!

When you get to Sahara's site, people, you're going to see that this isn't fun and games. Sahara's tumor has stopped shrinking from her treatments. The tumor has begun to grow again. She really needs this concert to be a whopping success for many reasons. Help Michael make it huge for her. Help Rick make it the best concert ever. Get on the bus for Sahara if you can. If you can't? Just get to the concert. Or send a contribution directly.

To help Sahara's family with her medical expenses, donations may be sent to:
US Bank
Sahara HOOPS Aldridge
"Slam Dunk" Cancer Fund
325 N. Kingshighway
Cape Girardeau, MO 63701
Donations are NOT tax deductible. If you prefer to make a tax deductible donation, or volunteer in Sahara's honor, please check out the links to Ronald McDonald House or MD Anderson Cancer Center.

My readers rock in ways that I cannot describe. (Even to musicians as completely awesome as Rick Springfield! Have I mentioned that Rick was the first musician I saw in concert ever? Minnesota State Fair with my girlfriends and it was so cool!) I know you will help out however you can. Look at that face. Isn't she beautiful?

Step by step instructions on getting in on all the fun!

Details on the bus, the accomodations, the concert...

In my head: Quiet prayers for Sahara

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