a few little photos...

Extreme Home Makeover watch party with a fellow Relay Committee and da kids...
Because I'm too lame to do any real writing tonight... (hmmm, is NaNo still stunting my creative process? HA!!!) I'll give you some snapshots of life lately...

Remember my telling you to watch Extreme Home Makeover a while back? Well here is the photo from the little watch party I attended. Thanks again RF committee group that invited the surrounding areas!

she who becomes more beautiful every day And since I haven't thrown in a gratuitous kid photo lately...

I'd take a photo of the Christmas tree, but I think it would blind you with all of the glitter and glitz. I understand it is a wee bit overdone. heh. I learned from the best. It has plenty-o-ornamentation. Every one. Nothing is missing. They are all there. Every memorable one. Right down to the very first one I remember helping to pick out when I was a wee tot back in 1969 - a red velvet dressed little drummer boy. Photos of this dear thing to come. Gotta see him to believe it. Now I'm hearing the boy's song in my head. It used to be my favorite. And now we're tap dancing a little rif to the tune. And when I'm in the coffee shop and the song comes on? My feet won't stop practicing it.

pada dum pum pum
pada dum pum pum
pada dum pada dum pada dum pum pum. :)

Perhaps tomorrow I'll photograph the other tree. In a house this size you have to have more than one you know.

So yeah. More photos to come. Because I'm all about turning this into a photo blog so that during these long gaps of silence I can still fill your mind with how witty and wonderful things are around here.

And keep you coming back for more. Looking forward to filling your world with truffles, CursingMama. See you next week. Let's see what we can do about dragging some KathyHowe into this lunch plan. Because you just can't do enough extra planning around the holidays.

In my head: Breakdown by Tom Petty

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