2006 - A Year in Review - with pictures!

Yes, I did indeed steal this idea from my dear friend KathyHowe (say it like it's just one word). But that's because she is brilliant and when I read through her list I thought to myself, "That is a great idea, if for no other reason than to have my year chronicled in one place because my memory is not so great and this way? This way I can go back and remember when things happened easily because it will be all there for me in one concise and easy to find list."

So I wrote it all out. By hand. By going through my archives. And then I put it all back in here too. So I now have it documented. Because it is important to me. If nobody else reads it, it really doesn't matter to me. But to those of you who might pop by tomorrow (because you won't tonight - you're all out there having a life and not snowed in or stuck home with a migraine), Happy New Year. Smooches. The friends I have made through this blog mean a lot to me. You know who you are. Yes you.

My year in review... (not as condensed as yours was Zoofy, but that's okay... I don't really expect anyone but me to read it.) :)

This was the month when I attended a girls’ night out with fellow HHS grads. I haven’t seen some of them in nearly 20 years. Woohoo…
And January had the first loss of the year taking a family friend who had been battling cancer.

There was a gathering of Divas… my very first internet friends, the ones who have become my sisters.
I earned a new nickname in February.
My lovely daughter shaved her head for cancer.
and was accepted to her number one choice of colleges…
and I learned that my Aunt Dot was diagnosed with some serious cancer.
Diva B visited me at the coffee shop.

March was the month I spent many hours in doctor waiting rooms with Kel as she went to appointments in an attempt to get answers to her mysterious illness. We still have no clear idea of what was wrong. She gets fevers on occasion that lock her spine. She has low iron. She can be anemic.
March was the month of girls’ night out with Mystical Marge and Kazoofus!
Her favorite photo of the two of us? Definitely mine as well.
And a family friend went in for breast cancer surgery.
And a cancer blogger was lost. :(
Oh yeah. I also moved. Photo found here. :)

Attended (and became part of) the interactive dinner theater for which Keli was the stage manager. Watched more and more of her artwork appear on the walls of her high school and saw it in an exhibition at a gallery in town. Saw her off to her final high school prom. Watched her going through many of her “final” events of high school. Stress was high, but she couldn’t have been happier.
Discovered I was allergic to latex and my signature wrist full of bracelets in honor or in memory of had to come off.
Got DSL! Woohoo!
House showing and offer came quickly this month.

I did some serious mileage this month working up toward the Relay.
Went to a party in the country where much laughter occurred and where I met a dog that really liked to play fetch. A lot. I’ve adopted her as my own.
My papa celebrated his 75th birthday.
And we had our annual Relay For Life garage sale
I also learned this month that a fellow HHS raider has had a serious recurrence of her cancer and is in a true battle.
And at the end of the month, my buddy Kazoofus came to see me and had some things of her own to say about the evening.

There were basically three big events in June.

  1. Kel graduated and
  2. there was a terrific grad party for her (thanks you guys!)
  3. And then there was the Relay.
PLUS! I started tap dancing lessons. AND! Saw Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers in concert. Can’t forget those.

In July I learned a very valuable lesson about water in the easy mac noodles before trying to cook it in the microwave (and a valuable lesson about my cooking disabilities as well).
Saw CSNY in concert. Wow.
Bought and constructed the wonderful IKEA shelves. I heart them.
Blogathon took place. And you all rocked at supporting my efforts.
I lost an Uncle in July.
A certain blue-haired teen joined tap classes in July. :)

There was the great family reunion in da UP in August in which I learned of the Italy family reunion being planned for 2008. I'm so there. If I have to sell my soul to get there, I'll be there.
Keli lost her great-grandpa.
I lost another Uncle and an Aunt. (have I mentioned that 2006 will go down as the year of funerals?)
I attended a girls’ night out with Kathy and CursingMama.
I learned that Kel’s HS principal has entered into battle with breast cancer.

September found me sending my kiddo off to college and moving in to her first apartment.
I traveled east for a change and attended the Celebration on the Hill with 10,000 other advocates looking for a cure for cancer and looking to our leaders to keep supporting the research for that cure. DC was a blast. Next time I want to go there and have some time to really get out and look around. And not have a migraine while I’m there.

There was girls’ night at Kathy’s in October!
And I lost a cousin. :(
I went to the Dells and acted as on Online Fundraising facilitator for the ACS at their state Leadership Summit. And had a little fun there, too. :)
I got my MacBook.
I renewed my knowledge about that latex allergy. So it wasn’t a fluke. I cannot wear the bracelets.
I took a roadtrip with Mystical Marge to Mineral Point, Wisconsin, and Galeena, Ill.

Wrote a novel in November.
Went to an extreme party with other RFL Committee members.
Did some blogging and other promotion about Great American Smoke Out.

Holidays and truffling and lunch with CursingMama and Zoofy wrap up the year. It was a quiet month on the funeral front. sigh

I am certain I shared far more than anyone else cared about. But that's okay. This was more of a yearly wrap up for MY benefit than anyone else's.

So for you skimmers who actually did drop down this far, what was a significant highlight of your 2006?

And Happy New Year. :)

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