Why I like my macbook so very much...

I'm really thrilled (and I do mean THRILLED!!!) to have a laptop that I can take to the coffee shop with me and which has the whole wireless internet thing going for it. It's more than the whole convenience thing. I mean, that part alone is great. Being able to walk into the coffee shop and not have to wait for one of the two computers that are offered for the public's use to free up. Yeah, what can be better than that? Well, I'll tell you what. Some people may remember the discussions that have gone on about things like, oh, the terrifying blankets and pillows on airplanes and the coverlets on hotel beds and let's not even discuss the carpets... (well I remember those discussions - not the details, so please do not remind me, I am only recently able to stay in hotels and travel without being the biggest freak in the world and I understand that there are other friends who are far worse than I ever was, so this is good... I have not moved into the world of needing medication to travel yet, and I'm not slamming those of you who do, so no hate mail, please)... getting back to my topic... I love my laptop and I hope it is loyal to me forever because recently as I am tapping away I have begun to notice a disturbing trend by those utilizing the public computers in my coffee shop and other public places...


Nose picking.

What is it that people utilizing public phones, public computers, public whatevers are driven to doing things like picking their noses or cleaning their ears or whatever other body parts they see fit at the time? I just do not understand! And as I sit there watching you surf for your next date over your shoulder, I wish that your dream dates staring out at you could see you, too.

In my head: The Shining from Badly Drawn Boy (I admit to loving the horn part in that song...)

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