What? A meme? Insights into me...

Well because She was doing it...and she had some really awesome answers (far more interesting than mine, which were unbelievably readable and cool and made me say WOW on more than one occasion... it just made me want to do it. *sigh* Sorry for the thievery, Meeta! :)

and did anybody else notice there are only 9 firsts???

10 first:
First best friend - Therese S.
First car - the Escort that had fake wood panel stickers on it.
First love - Barnabus Collins
First vacation - India- Wisconsin Dells (before it became Waterworld)
First job - Babysitting
First piercing - ears at 13
First concert - Rick Springfield (please go see what he's doing now!)
First record/cd bought - Either The Osmonds or The Jackson 5 :)
First real love - Eric D (shut up, you...)

9 latest:
Latest alcoholic beverage - if beer doesn't count (Corona) I'm in trouble - I suppose it would be a strawberry daiquiri in the dells served by this gentleman.
Latest car ride - Riding with Mystical to and from Mineral Point (wheeeeeeeee!)
Latest movie watched - The Birdcage (twice!)
Latest phone call made - Keli (duh!)
Latest jacuzzi bath - Wow. Who knows? Before moving out of the old house. Months prior, probably.
Latest played cd - The Hour of Bewilderbeast by Badly Drawn Boy
Latest time you cried - Saturday
Latest meal - Bucca at Michael's house before seeing State Fair on Saturday evening
Latest curse - at my iPod.

8 have you ever:
dated one of your best friends - yes
been arrested - no
fallen in love at first sight - yes
been in a TV program - sort of
had your heart broken - of course
said you love someone without meaning it - yes.
made a prank phone call - who hasn’t done this??

7 things you wear:
1. purple. Lots and lots of purple.
2. Relay gear. heh.
3. silver jewelry (if you are looking for gift ideas ROFL, skip the gold unless it is white gold)
4. iBuds *snickers*
5. Keen sandals and shoes :)
6. a pair of Candies "vintage" heels for "old times sake" and because I love them.
7. Did I mention purple and Relay gear? Okay, jeans.

6 things you’ve done today:
1. Had my lemon detox drink with MUCH cayenne pepper (YUMMY!!!!!!!!!)
2. Email
3. blogged
4. messed with iTunes and damn iPod, including downloading music
5. Texted with Keli
6. drank coffee (duh!)

5 favorite things:
1. My family
2. My laptop
3. music
4. my cell phone
5. coffee

4 people I can tell anything
1. Keli
2. Mystical
3. Anonybro
4. Bonnie

Black or white? Black
Summer or winter? Fall and Spring
Chocolate or chips? Chocolate and Chips

2 things to do before you die (only two???):
1. Go to Italy...
2. Live in New Mexico for the winter.

1 thing you regret:
Don't have any of these. Used to have a baby one, but I feel I did away with that a little while ago. So yeah. Don't have regrets people. Regrets are bad.

In my head: Delta (Little Boy Blues) Badly Drawn Boy

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