Sunday was a day of...

  • NaNo at Dunn with macchiato and blackberry cocoa and even a pumpkin donut. Because it takes a little bit of caloric intake to get some of that creative output. There was some blogging between sentences and some emailing and some phone texting as well. There was a little chatting with Dunn employees and fellow customers who knit a thing or two (oh the stockings...)

  • Laundry at home and a new game I've invented in which I... oh never mind. Suffice it to say it involves 5's. That is all. And the laundry got done.

  • A trip to Chan where I picked up a friend and we drove to MOA which was much much busier today than it was the last time we were there. I guess people have decided to really get an early start on the holiday shopping this year because we had to actually drive around in search of a parking spot! But not being picky about needing a spot up close to the door or anything, we found one very quickly and began the walk to the building. heh. Shopping then did ensue and the Apple store was once again happy to see us and I was happy to see it! Look! My chiropractor will be happy to know that when I NaNo after this, I can have my shoulders down in a more natural position while the notebook is up on the table at eye level. Ah happy technology.

  • Dinner at Tucci Benucch where as much as I love the baked spaghetti, I will remember from now on that I do not need to go there for anything more than the perfect and heavenly desserts. At this time of year, the Pumpkin Cheesecake is so heavenly you will just want to curl up in a bowl of it and never climb back out again. It was the best thing I think I have ever tasted. Unfortunately it wasn't mine and I only got two little bites (but could have had more if I'd wanted due to the generosity of my dining mate. But I had a dish full of absolutely sinful creme brulee to eat in front of me. And it was quite perfect all by itself. (Yeah, I wasn't quite as in the mood to share mine. I ate nearly all of it without giving it up... oh man it was so good...) And the service there? Also fantastic.

  • The latter part of the evening was spent bringing Kel back to her apartment and helping her with some homework. Sunday evenings are tough because she usually isn't quite ready to get back to life on her own and I'm never ready to give her up. But we're surviving the whole leaving the nest thing. And our Wednesday night tap dancing class is such a treat and fun way to see each other. And now we are planning a little warm-weather break during her winter school holiday. So the first year of school is going fast.

So here I am (photo hound!) celebrating with the apple store purchases (well, part of them)... I have decided to name the mouse Chester. ;) What do you think? ROFL! Love you, Kel. Smooches!

In my head: The Way by Fastball

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