Shoo be do be do...

No words today. Not yet.

I've had too much going on with stops in many places. And I will see the miracle worker at noon.

Drank the lemon drink this morning (thanks mom). Ten days in a row. It wasn't as bad as I expected it to be. I mean, I normally do like lemon. This was just lemonade with cayenne pepper in it. I think tomorrow? More pepper. That last swallow had a lot and it bit me, but it was good.

I did have a few forgetful moments this morning in my running around. I forgot to take season one of GA in the house with me so Pop could start watching it if he so chooses. Will have to stop by with that again after the chiro appointment. I also forgot my

The cool kids are back! Michele made this most fabulous macchiato upon which I am sipping while hearing Sting jam on the speakers overhead. She seems a bit harried behind the bar at the moment. I don't think she was quite ready to return from her break. :( But it isn't like everybody gets to take three weeks off from their job to go play around in the woods. *cough*

It is a very hazy day today. The weekend contained incredible weather (yesterday hit 60 and was beautiful with blue sky and warm air) and felt so springlike I drove around in typical spring fashion (ie windows open and radio sharing its music with everyone! So generous! LOL)... And today? Also like a spring day in that it looks like a day that follows several warm days which have created much snow melt resulting in this moist hazy gloom in the air. I wish that it really was spring!

My stomach is growling like crazy telling me that I haven't eaten in days! Can it be? (hardly - baked spaghetti and fabulous desserts after a morning full of macchiato and cocoa and donut, remember???)

So now I'm importing new Snow Patrol cd into my iTunes and will be off very soon. After I'm all adjusted and straightened I will get to make a couple more stops on errands and then? Yes then I will be adding to the number count. Because then I will be filled with inspiration and will have so much space for the inspiration and chi and everything else to flow in my straight body that the numbers at the end of the day will be amazing... Just wait. Just wait and see.

I wonder if it will be a dark and stormy night?

In my head: Shoo be do as sung by Hutch and me back in the day...

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