I'm supposed to be working on my novel right now. Marge is sitting her beside me at Dunn being very well behaved doing the same. It is our writing morning. But I just thought that I would check in here and do a quick post first. Because I am a blogger first. Before I am a NaNoer. Blogging is a 365 day occupation. NaNo is a one month a year thing. Writing is, of course 365 days too, but whatever.

So it is snowing here. Yes, snowing. And quite heavily. And my daughter is delighted. You might say that when she found out about it at 7 am, her mood was quite like this:

I'm glad someone still gets a little joy out of snow. I'm sure there are plenty who do, actually. I just don't happen to be one of them.

In my head: Kaboom! Ursula 1000

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