Oh yeah...

8:30 pm and I have put away so. many. words.

And so now here is your evening blog update.

First of all you must know what wonderful cool people there are in the world of heroes.

You remember Sahara, of whom I have spoken on a couple of occasions here in the past. Most recently in mid-October when I returned from my trip to the Dells to learn that she had gotten to go home from MDAnderson's cancer facility (woohoo!!!). Well, one of her heroes happens to be an old heartthrob of mine Mr. Rick Springfield (yes, HIM!). Turns out, the very handsome and mega-talented Mr. Springfield is putting on a show to benefit Help for Hoops, the foundation created to help pay Sahara's medical costs. HOW COOL IS THAT!? He rocks in so many ways, I cannot count them. Check out these sites for more information... Sahara's blog, Rick's site, Tickets for the show can be purchased here and at Tickmaster outlets (I sure wish I was going!), Michael Manning's blog where he's trying to get a busload of backers heading to the concert... :) People love you, Sahara!

Now a word about a hero of mine... :)

Lance Armstrong is running the NYC Marathon tomorrow as a personal challenge and to raise money for his foundation and for cancer research. One hundred runners have signed on to run as a part of his team and have raised more than $600,000! This is so totally cool to me.

Now I have done my NaNo duty for tonight. I loved ShellyNoir's comment about NaNo from earlier today... :) She's of the HellNoWriMo crowd! I want to know the requirements for that group.

Edited to add: Added a new name to my inspiration list today but I hated to have to add him to the Memory list because I learned of him so late in his battle. :( Roger is Grandpa to Amy. I'm not quite certain what I want to write all to link up or say yet so I'm going to just put his name on the list and link the article Amy had hooked up to her blog about him. I hope that's okay with her. (Let me know Kathy or Amy if you want me to take that link down at any time...) I don't have a big readership, so... yeah. :( My condolences to the family. Smooches and hugs. I'm glad he doesn't have to fight the battle anymore for his sake and the sake of the family because it is a painful thing to watch. Love and peace to all of you.

In my head: From the Morning Nick Drake is singing directly into my brain right now through my headphones.

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