November is...

To put a little focus back where it belongs in this place today... I found this information on a wonderful blog and provided by one of my favorite cancer info bloggers.

Everyone knows that the month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness month (unless you were buried alive for the month and only just emerged and that has happened to you every month for the past several years that things have been painted pink all month) and I love to find out what other "months" get highlighted for awareness in the cancer world so that I can really promote the heck out of them. In my opinion, you cannot become aware enough to this hideous disease.

So November? Lung Cancer. And if you are a smoker, please know that coming soon is Great American Smokeout Day. You'll be hearing more. Lots more. I'll be pointing you to info. I hope you'll consider taking part. If you aren't a smoker but you blog? I hope you'll consider linking the info up so even more smokers can find the information and take part.


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