Migraines Suck

And because they suck, I haven't been doing much for fun (or blogging).

Fun as allowed by current migraine:

  • Much lying around feeling sorry for myself.

  • Some surfing the blogs of funny people in an attempt to laugh and forget about migraine. This works for the two point three seconds I have the burst of laughter. Then the pain comes shooting back and I remember again. Sucky migraine.

  • Watching Ross the Intern videos at his My Space site (all of which are hysterically funny, by the way... I love Ross. Thank you Michelle for the introduction to him... At least I think it was you who pointed me his direction. If not, forgive me, I just can't think of who else it might have been... *sigh* I see a lot of stuff over the course of a few weeks and it was a couple of weeks ago I came across the Steve Irwin/Ross video) and 30-second bunny videos. These can make me laugh longer, but as the bunny videos by their definition only last 30-seconds, well... *sigh*

  • Researching season one of the Gilmore Girls. Yep. This current season has us completely convinced that someone out there is... never mind.

  • Catching up on the current season of Grey's Anatomy via the beauty of the internet. Yes. I have fallen for McDreamy. We were at the Mall of America the other day. There is a store which shall go unnamed there in which McDreamy and his Intern are pictured larger than life in several beautiful and romantic shots and yes, the power of ridiculous blatant marketing in such fashion pulled us right in. Normally I would never enter this store. On this occasion not only did we walk PAST the store more than normal but we went IN (Keli, too!). They didn't get me to buy anything, but I did check out the prices and look at items that I wouldn't have had he not been looking out at me with his McDreamy eyes. Damn him.

  • I did visit with my SIL and anonybro briefly during a trip to the big city of RF yesterday. We had a short business meeting and so on. There was a bit of laughter, a bit of hugging and then I came back home where I hoped to knock myself over the head with something heavy for the next 48-hours or so. That didn't work.

I'm just really glad the frequency is down a LOT. Because doctors definitely do not know everything. I sometimes wonder if they know anything. Sorry doctors. But seriously?

In my head: the annoying nasally sound of the la la la stuff on the Gilmore DVDs

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