Life is Good

As I sat laughing at myself (and others and my computer) in one of my regular seats at the coffee shop this morning a friend said (twinkle in eye), "I wish you were a happier person." It's true. I'm pretty happy these days. I do a lot of laughing. Laughter is good medicine. I put myself in situations that are going to induce laughter as much as possible. I read things that will bring laughter. I listen to music that will make me feel good. I take tap dancing lessons with people who will make me laugh and the lessons themselves make me laugh (how could they not???).

I tend to spend time with people who are uppers rather than downers whenever possible. If I'm offered a chance to go do something that is a new opportunity and puts me in the line of positive energy and laughter and fun? I'm more likely to take that chance than not.

As a friend recently told me, I'm in a unique position at this time to look for employment that is uniquely me and would make me happy and not just make me money. I have the time and the opportunity to figure out what more I want. I have figured out something just this week that I am pretty certain on the employment scale that I do not want. And it shocks me all to pieces. But I'm really glad to have discovered it now. And so the search continues. With everything else. I appreciate any and all advice. And laughter.

Always laughter.

Speaking of laughter... Here I sit using my mad typing skilz (can't say mad writing skilz - this is after all, NaNoWriMo) at the coffee shop... It makes me laugh my butt off because my head looks SO HUGE on top of my shoulders... Ahhh perspective. And I don't look like I'm having a lot of fun, either. But I am! REALLY!

In my head: Dreaming Tree by Dave Matthews

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