It has begun and so have I... barely.

But there is a long way to go and I'm behind if I wanted to average 1600 a day to get there on a nice steady continuum. And Vicki? Honestly. A week? You finished in a week? That's a crime. ;) My lovely daughter provided me with a writing idea. When I've run through the first three ideas and hit brick walls on all three of them I'll try hers. Because it is usually the third or fourth one that sticks.

If I don't surf into your blog anytime soon, don't take it personally. This is a crazy month. The holidays are coming and I want to get the truffle site done this month so we can take orders online (Oy.) and I want to assist in making truffles and I want to get a novel written and I want to do Relay stuff. So yeah. I may not be posting frequently here either.

It's too bad NaNoWriMo and Blogathon don't hit the same month. That could be interesting, eh?

And it must be nearly winter. My hands are riddled with scabs and fresh paper cuts. I'm in pain. How can a writer write with so many injuries all over her hands?

Had a phone call from my uncle this morning. Yes we finally connected, Dad. He decided it was fruitless to call me in the evening because I'm never there so why not try the morning and yes! I was home and we made connection! Anyway, we talked about several different topics and even about a movie he recently watched. He asked if I'd seen this movie that was just so gruesome called, Misery. Funny thing is that I just recently saw it again myself. So we did some laughing about it, because as gruesome and painful as it is, it is pretty humorous, too. I think Mr. King meant for it to be, don't you?

It was a fun conversation. He's a fun guy. And it was nice to connect with him. My dance partner. :)

Okay. I've blown off enough and procrastinated long enough. Now to work. It doesn't have to be good, it just has to get done.

And there is real work to do, too. Right my truffle making partners? We need a meeting. Must talk with them. Soon.

In my head: O. Lover from Jason Mraz

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