Holy Cow...

I was complaining about that little dusting of snow the other day. A friend of mine had to drive back from a conference in the Dells that day. Took her a lot longer than it should have because the highway was closed due to accidents from the snow. People, people. It isn't like we've never driven in snow before. But then again, it usually doesn't dump 16 inches on the 9th of November, either. That was happening between here and there, I guess.

KathyC, did you get here last night like you had planned for that 4H thing? Smooches to you if you had to drive in that crap. Blech.

I haven't had five minutes to write today. It's been a busy day!

Going to do a few minutes at it now, I think. Had a little bit of brainstorming on the way home from Michael's play tonight. Lots of laughter and fun. Thank you to all who participated in that.

Seth? You are a dream of an actor. That part was you all over. Wonderful work. Sara? You are a vision in pink and that VOICE. Michael, it was a wonder to see and hear you on that stage. Sing often. You are lovely. (These beautiful teens will never see these words but I send them into the universe in hopes that they land on them in little bits of inspiration anyway. What a wonder to know that kids will still walk out on stage and take part in awful musicals from American history and give it their all for the love of the applause or whatever it is that inspires them.)

I'm so exhauted that NaNo may not be gotten to tonight after all. Will I get any writing accomplished this weekend???


In my head: All I Owe Ioway from State Fair (Oscar Hammerstein)

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