A bulleted list of my day...
because this is the kind of bullet that is fun!

  • Got up fairly early to snow. Yes. Snow. Kim, you can have it. You and Trisha. I'll send it your way as soon as I can scrape up what is left of it in my teaspoon. *cough* shut. up. I will complain as much as I want to. It is what I do about winter. Just wait. You ain't seen nothin' yet. (That was for you, Kel...)

  • Went to the folks to make my lemon detox. Added double the cayenne I put in last time. It has honestly turned brown now. It is my new wake-me-up drink. Better than caffeine, I swear. And yet from there...

  • Went to Dunn Bros. Directly to Dunn Bros. Did not pass Go. Did not collect $200. DID collect world's best caramel macchiato with skim and no whip. Thank you Michele. Now that I have sampled the Gingerbread latte I will be able to resist them until closer to the holidays. Because it is only early November. No matter what the weather is doing.

  • Got two seats by the fire and an outlet. Mystical was meeting me so we could work on our novels for NaNoWriMo and we are both writing them on our laptops. Before writing could commence, we needed to enjoy some beverage for waking and some pumpkin donut and some idle chatter. Also, I was surprised by a visit by Anonybro and his son, Anonephew. This was a terrific treat. I don't get to see nearly enough of my nephew so that was cool.

  • Did too work on my novel. I have not changed my word count because I started a different novel and you will not see a new number there until the new novel surpasses the old novel in number of words or until I go back to the old novel and pick up the thread of that one. Because you can't add them together. Them's the rules. (That was for you too, Kel.)

  • While very busily working on the novel I also managed to do a little Christmas shopping at my very favorite new online store. I'm not telling any of you what it is because a few of you will be receiving gifts from there this year. And I don't want you to see anything from it until after the holidays or it will blow everything. But suffice it to say? Funny and clever and I wish I had thought of it first. What a hoot. ;) (That was for Kathy.) I also managed to write a blog post, instant message with my daughter, email with a couple of friends, and take notes on novel number 3 (the one for which I have the high word count). So don't anybody ever say I can't multi-task. OH! And I did some date planning for the next month. Because I have things to do, places to go and people to see. (Hi Vicki, Jen, Kathy and Iki! Woohoo!)

  • From there it was off to Jimmy Johns where they make the screaming fast sandwiches!!! that also happen to taste dogdamn good. (Try the number six if you are a fan of guacamole. oh my.) Keli was in the mood for the number six so I picked up some lunch to bring home with me (because what else would a Gilmore Girl do? You do remember what my refrigerator looks like, don't you?)...

  • When I got there we had a little lunch together and I got to see the birthday gift the kid had created for her best friend (can't tell you in case they are surfing the net tonight since she hasn't given it to her yet) which reminds me - HAPPY BIRTHDAY KELSEY YOU GORGEOUS DOLL YOU!!! I LOVE YOU, SWEETIE!

  • Finally, I brought my own gorgeous doll to RF so she could see all of her friends this evening before the big second night of the high school musical (State Fair) in which she has many friends starring.

  • And now, I wrap this boring account of my day by saying, I think I'll head in and do a little more writing at the coffee shop to increase the word count of the day, hand off a crochet pattern to someone who is looking for it, and then perhaps scrape up a date for another showing of that play for tonight. Maybe. We'll see how on a roll I get with the writing first. You never know, after all.

In my head: Believer Ben Kweller (you'll find a sample of it on this page) has moved into my brain and set up residency. I haven't actually heard his music for a couple of days now, but there it is. The minute the music I have been listening to is silenced and the house is still, his voice comes in loud and clear.

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