Caffeine = Novelist Fuel

Procrastination is running rampant today in the life of Keri. But there were many very important things to be done. Like picking up da kid and taking her to brunch. Complete with pie. Peanut butter cup pie for me. (We won't even talk about the toenails involved with her own delicacy grandma, but suffice it to say she will perhaps stick with your homemade stuff after this.)

But truly, I have to get going on the words. The words!!! For I am drinking today's caffeine from my beautiful new mug... I think music is as much the fuel for my brain as the coffee is, though. It stops up my ears and blocks out all of the crazy conversations that are going on around me no matter where I am. And don't tell me to stay home for my writing. It is far too quiet there. If this doesn't make sense it is because you aren't a writer. That's okay. You just don't understand me! Artist's temperament. Something like that.

Off to the Word document. I'm sure I'll be back later. I'm always back later. I can think of no better distraction than hopping and skipping through the land of the blogosphere. Slapping a blogger here; smooching a blogger there. It's a big www out there. And when I get tired of reading or writing or posting, I have a blog to help prettify for my daughter to write in. Because she needs another creative outlet. And tonight is the indoor marching band concert and silent auction. In case these other things aren't enough to occupy my free time. And I have mittens to finish and Christmas stockings to start. I'm busy darn it!

Good thing I have caffeine to fuel all of these projects.

In my head: How We Operate from Gomez downloaded and playing on repeat... Can I help it if Grey's Anatomy has me hooked on some of today's best music?

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