Thanks for the reminder, Mark...

Sometimes I swear that if it weren't for the comments triggering the emails reminding me that I do indeed still have a blog that I'm supposed to be writing, well... I might forget entirely. At least for days at a time! So thanks for the recent reminder from the Creechman (who also has a pretty new toy it would seem) that he was reading/checking in and for cheering me on so I'd get my butt out here and say something.

I'll go one better. I'll put up a picture of my latest pretty little thing. heh.

Pretty New Toy!

A gift from a friend. We should all have such good friends, eh? So yeah. Thanks again, my good friend. May we always share laughter and the best of good things between us. And be able to verbally slay foes as we do now, and never lose sight of what's important!

So tonight I went to a committee meeting for the local Relay. Things are starting to roll for the 2007 Relay. And me? I can't wait. That old Relay Addiction is taking hold once again.

Now if you'll excuse me... my avatar and I have to go change into our party clothes... Girls' Night Out fast approaches and we have to go find some party gear.

In my head: Grey's Anatomy Music

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