Look Ma! No allergy! (scratch, scratch...)

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Yeah. You can see CursingMama's back in the reflection of the door as she sits beside me at the Girls' Night party here in this photo... She asked me that night, "What happened with the allergy and you with these bracelets?"

Stupid, stupid Keri... I said, "I dunno! It's just gone! I guess it's a miracle or something." Well, I didn't say exactly that, but you get the picture. I had picked up a few more cancer bracelets covering a few more cancer varieties for a few more friends/inspirations this past week and I've worn them off and on without any problems.

This afternoon I put them back on again before running out to go to Keli's little cousin's party (more about that to come...) and I noticed my neck was a little red. I noticed it was a little itchy, too. Bah. NOT from my bracelets darn it. (I put them on...)

I then started thinking about the fact that I was pretty darned snuffly for the past 24-hours, too. And that neck? Yeah. Quite a bit more itchy tonight.

I still say it only happens when I'm lying on a raft in the middle of the lake and the sun is beating down on me. *ahem*

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