I'm back!

Photo by Becky. :)

Hopefully Becky won't mind me posting this photo of the two of us that she sent me tonight. She took it after we'd finished our last session of training and look! I survived! And after all that building up of stress and nerves, it turned out when it came right down to it, I ended up being far less freaked out when the first session started than I thought I was going to be. I think it was partially thanks to the survivor who said to me shortly beforehand, "You know, I'm doing this stuff because I lived and I'm here to enjoy each day and have a good time doing it. Go in there and enjoy yourself and have fun with it." That got me to thinking about how ridiculous I was being for sweating the small stuff like I was.

I had a great co-facilitator working the room with me (heck - just look at the smile on her face. Who could be worried with someone like that by your side?), and a really great tech support person who knew the tech side of things like the back of his hand (right, Keith?) and another IT guy (hi Bill!) who was there just to make sure we had everything we needed and all of the equipment working and music playing during the downtimes and it was a breeze.

Just look at this great room they had set up for us! Beautiful, eh? We may have been in the outer limits of the conference center, far from the rest of our conference-goers, separated from them by Mary Kay Conventioneers and Dance Competitioners and feeling like we were practically in another world, but we still managed to get through three sessions rather pain-free.

the training room!

And will you look at that??? The Relay For Life of Hudson 2007 website is already online! Those wonderful cancer fighters are going to be able to raise funds for cancer research year round with that great tool! :) And just look! My page has already begun to collect its first donations! I'm already well on my way to my first fundraising goal! Woohoo! Feel free to contribute to fighting the cancer beast. Because breast cancer awareness is a wonderful thing in the month of October, but as my lovely daughter said tonight at the grocery store as we passed the display case full of pink cakes and cookies, "Cancer strikes the entire body. Why is there only one month for the big awareness push and only for one body part?"

In my head: Say It Isn't So from The Outfield

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