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We made the trek home today after a breakfast at Shake Rag Cafe again this morning where Mystical dined on blueberry and pecan french toast and I had granola. Then we plotted our route home and headed up Highway 23 toward home. This route took us past the famous House on the Rock. We ended up pulling off at an overlook for the view and from there could see the House or rather, the Infinity Room of the house, extending out over the valley. It ended up being a fun stop. Windy. Cold. A bit of a walk to reach the actual viewing spot. Marge was being a pain and didn't want her photo taken. So I pulled my usual antics and did the camera over my shoulder and behind my back bit like I do with Keli when she doesn't want her photo taken. :)

I think she was doing the same to me (as is evident in some of the photos) and when she sends them to me they'll probably go up on the flickr site.

There were cars streaming in to the House, so we didn't bother stopping ourselves. I've seen it and she decided against it. This view was enough for her. We continued up Hwy 23 and passed the next famous house along the way. We came close to stopping here, but again, crowds on Saturday deterred us. I've been to see it (loved it but was disappointed I couldn't just wander at will. This man is one of my architectural idols, after all...) and we saw so much just driving by. I joked that I hoped I didn't start having dreams with him wandering around in them again.

Further on up the road we decided to make a stop in Osseo. Yes, Bonnie... I did it again. I went to that restaraunt. Marge hasn't been there yet and she has some of that Scandahoovian blood in her. So I thought she needed to experience a little of the Norske Nook. Besides, last time I went I wasn't able to bring Kel a piece of lemon merengue and this time we were there at a time when they actually had some available!

Marge took photos of the exterior, I did not. So you'll have to settle for the web site. There are lots of photos there. Dinner was typical - really decent quality but not nearly warm enough and in need of seasoning. Bland. I would guess that is pretty typical, though. I'm not going to go any further with that thought. heh.

We filled up the car with our purchases. Okay. We filled up the car with mostly my purchases. It was truly a fun trip. We still like each other. We travel well together.

Alas, the kiddo is gone for the evening already so I return to an empty house. But I need my Dunn fix, too. So that's okay. I think a movie rental is in order. And separating my purchases for me vs. my purchases for her would be good so I remember whose is whose. And laundry before taking her back to school tomorrow. Hope all are having a great weekend. I don't think I need to eat for days. Coffee? that's another thing entirely. ;)

In my head: Every Day by Dave Matthews

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